10 NFL teams and their biggest celebrity fan

That NFL is by far the king when it comes to sports in America. So naturally it draws the attention of so many celebrities. Every Super Bowl will have celebrities from the city of champions partying like they’re part of the team.

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There are also plenty of celebrities who have expressed displeasure with their favorite NFL franchise. NFL fandom is all about passion, and there are so many celebrities who are passionate about their NFL teams. Every franchise has a celebrity fan, but these are 10 celebrities who love their NFL teams.


10 Ice Cube – Las Vegas Raiders

Ice Cube is one of the most famous celebrity NFL fans and has been for decades. Ice Cube’s rap group NWA was known to wear Raiders gear back when they were still the Los Angeles Raiders. Cube stayed with the Raiders when they returned to Oakland and remained a fan when they moved to Las Vegas.

Now known as the President of Raider Nation, Cube typically wears a Raiders hat if not more merchandise. Cube even produced an ESPN 30 for 30 documentary about the Raiders titled Direct from LAand has proven his love of silver and black is as undying as any hardcore fan.

9 Machine Gun Kelly – Cleveland Browns

One of the biggest musicians alive right now, Machine Gun Kelly seems to scream Cleveland in almost every song he makes. MGK is a huge Cleveland Browns fan, even gifting Baker Mayfield his famous pink guitar from him Damn Valentine Music video after Mayfield led the Browns to a win over the Cincinnati Bengals in 2020 on Thursday night.

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Just this month, Kelly sold out the Cleveland Browns’ stadium, First Energy Stadium, to finish his tour and was wearing a custom-made Browns jersey as he descended from a zip line. There’s probably no one prouder to represent Cleveland and the Browns than MGK.

8th Lil Wayne – Green Bay Packers

Lil Wayne is one of the biggest and most successful rappers of all time, so it’s fitting that he’s a fan of one of the biggest and most successful NFL franchises of all time. Wayne has been very vocal about his love for the Green Bay Packers, being spotted on the sidelines at games and even writing the song green yellow.

Wayne will also go the extra mile to defend his Packers like he did First take and Undisputed He debated with the likes of Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless. Wayne’s love for the cheese people is unquestionable.

7 Chris Jericho – Minnesota Vikings

Chris Jericho is the newest fan on this list, having announced in 2019 that he is a Minnesota Vikings fan. Jericho became a fan because his wife was a huge Vikings fan, and Jericho eventually decided to give it a try. Jericho didn’t take long to criticize the Vikings, as he told Rich Eisen, further The Rich Eisen Show that he wasn’t happy with Kirk Cousins ​​and his $84 million contract; and that the Vikings failed to make the playoffs that season.

Hopefully, however, Jericho now understands the importance of the “skol” chant and claps his hands every time Kurt Cousins ​​throws a touchdown pass to Justin Jefferson this season.

6 Paul Rudd – Chiefs of Kansas City

Paul Rudd is without a doubt one of Hollywood’s most likeable movie stars. The star of ant man can be seen at Arrowhead Stadium a few times a year as he is a big fan of the Kansas City Chiefs. Rudd was born in New Jersey, but when he was 10 his family moved to Kansas City, Missouri. There Rudd grew up as a Chiefs fan and even attended the University of Kansas.

Due to his love for the Chiefs, Rudd narrated the 2007 HBO series Hard hits Season detailing the Chiefs’ preparations at the start of their NFL season. When the Chiefs won Super Bowl 54, Rudd celebrated almost like an honoree on the team, even touching the Lombardi trophy that day.

5 Snoop Dogg – Pittsburgh Steelers

Snoop Dogg is one of the most famous celebrities on the planet. He is also one of the most famous celebrity NFL fans as anyone who follows sports or pop culture knows Snoop Dogg’s love for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Snoop revealed on Skip and Shannon: Undeniably that he became a Steelers fan in the ’70s when the Pittsburgh Steelers were a dynasty with the famous “Steel Curtain” defense.

What really brought Snoop to the Steelers was the Coca-Cola commercial starring Mean Joe Green. The commercial is one of the most iconic sports commercials and has made Snoop one of the most vocal Steelers fans in the world.

4 Brad Pitt – New Orleans Saints

There aren’t many actors taller in history than Brad Pitt. Pitt has acted in films such as fight club, se7en, and money ball for sports fans, alongside countless other big box office hits. When he’s not picking up the Academy Awards, Pitt can be seen in New Orleans cheering on his favorite NFL team, the New Orleans Saints.

In fact, Pitt is even a friend of legendary New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees. Pitt even went so far as to comment on the 2009 documentary America’s game on the championship season for the New Orleans Saints following the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina.

3 Steph Curry – Carolina Panthers

Steph Curry is one of the few famous celebrities to support the Carolina Panthers. Although born in Ohio, Curry was raised in North Carolina as his father, Dell Curry, played most of his career with the Charlotte Hornets. Curry’s closest team to an NFL championship was Super Bowl 50 when the Panthers lost to the Denver Broncos, where Curry served as the drummer for the Carolina Panthers at Super Bowl 50.

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When the Panthers went up for sale in 2021, Curry revealed he was interested in ownership, but the team was eventually sold to David Tepper. It will be interesting to see if Curry ever buys a stake in the Panthers in the future.

2 Will Smith – Philly Eagles

Will Smith has since been seen representing the Philadelphia Eagles Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Smith is a native of Philadelphia and usually talks about Philadelphia in his films, TV shows, or in many interviews. He is very proud of his hometown and his home team, the Philadelphia Eagles.

Smith attends many games and went viral for his celebration of Super Bowl 52 when the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots. The Eagles have a slew of great and famous celebrity fans including Bradley Cooper, Kevin Hart and President Joe Biden, but the biggest is Will Smith.

1 Mark Wahlberg—New England Patriots

The New England Patriots have a lot of celebrity fans. People like John Krasinski, Matt Damon and John Cena all come to mind. However, New England’s biggest celebrity fan is Mark Wahlberg. The star of films such as Boogie Nights, The Departed, and ted stays strong with its New England roots.

Raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Wahlberg naturally supports the New England Patriots, and with all the success they’ve had over the past two decades, how could you not? Wahlberg is known for incorporating Tom Brady references into his films and has been celebrated on several occasions throughout New England’s success on the sidelines.

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