3-year-old boy climbs into flour mill, turns on machine and dies | Nashik News

NASHIK: A three-year-old boy died after accidentally turning on a flour-milling machine after falling inside at a bakery next to his home in the Panchavati district on Thursday night, police said on Friday.
The boy, Rihan Sharma, had gone to his father Umesh’s bakery at around 9:15 p.m.
“When he turned on the grinder, his body got caught in the rubber band of the machine. When Umesh heard him screaming, he went to the bakery and turned off the power,” said Sunil Shewale, the police officer investigating the case.
According to the doctor at a private hospital to which the boy was admitted, the bones of his body – from the neck region to below – were broken. “There were no external injuries on the body. But there was profuse internal bleeding. When he was rushed to the hospital, his condition was extremely critical. We made every attempt to revive him. When our efforts failed, we pronounced him dead at around 11:45 a.m.,” the doctor said.
3-year-old boy gets caught in a flour mill and dies
Rihan was Umesh’s only child. Shewale said there was no one in the bakery when the boy went inside. “It’s a small bakery that Umesh and his brothers run. The mill wasn’t big and the boy easily managed to go in and turn it on,” added Shewale.
Shewale said police are continuing their investigation to ensure there is no third-party negligence in the incident.


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