A lifetime subscription to this predictive health app is 56% cheaper

TL;DR: Starting February 8th, a lifetime subscription to the Humanity Health app (Opens in a new tab) is available for only $129.99 instead of $299. That’s a saving of 56%.

Over the past decade, discussions about a person’s “health span(Opens in a new tab)”, the length of time that a person is generally healthy, have increased dramatically. When it comes to quality of life, you might want to start learning what you can do to potentially extend your healthy years(Opens in a new tab). This is where the Humanity Health App comes in. This health and wellness app can help you learn more about the effects of your lifestyle and the speed at which you are aging. A lifetime subscription to Humanity Health is only $129.99 (reg. $299).

Learn how you can potentially increase your health span

When you’re dealing with your whole life, it can be difficult to see the big picture. Junk food might feel like a mistake when your stomach is upset an hour later, but a junk food habit(Opens in a new tab) can significantly reduce your health span. That doesn’t mean you can’t indulge yourself every now and then. This app could help you connect with workouts and eating habits that could put you on a healthier track. That’s the point: visualize the future to change your habits now.

The Humanity app uses an AI algorithm to calculate your approximate aging rate and biological age. It’s an estimate, so there’s no need to start a countdown, but this score might be worth noting. By connecting a wearable fitness tracker, the Humanity app can monitor biomarkers like your heart rate and walking speed. You can also track your daily mood, general well-being and food choices. Predictive algorithms measure your rate of aging(Opens in a new tab), but you can increase your “Humanity Score” by doing things like meditation, sleep monitoring, and exercising.

Developing healthy habits isn’t an overnight endeavor, and it still may be difficult, but the Humanity app can help you see the long-term benefits of all your efforts.

See the big picture of your health

Your everyday choices can change the quality of your life over time. Get a potential estimate when you get a Premium Lifetime Subscription to the Humanity Health App (Opens in a new tab) for sale for $129.99 (reg. $299), the best price you’ll find online.

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