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While New Orleans has always been a city known for gatherings and celebrations, there has been a significant surge in immersive events in the wake of the pandemic. “People want experiences right now, so it’s a phenomenal time for events,” said Julia DeLois, nightlife producer, comedian, and actress. “Every venue – from upscale hotels to dive bars – should get creative with their programming, and I love coming up with event ideas that suit each individual space.” These events include Taylor Swift dance parties – perfect for fans who don’t have one coveted tour tickets – and What Now?, her recurring variety show that she created with her best friend Emily Slazer. After living in New Orleans for 14 years, Julia knows how to make the most of her summers: roller skating; hanging out in bars, pools and hotels; write new material; and brings residents together looking for fun and socializing.

Julia wears a Kendall jumpsuit ($74) by Wildflower Nola


It was so refreshing to meet new people and see real connections being made at my events.


fun and frivolity! And connection. I’m very introverted and almost always prefer to stay at home with a book, which sounds counterintuitive for a nightlife producer, but is actually a really helpful benchmark. I can’t ask for the time, money, and attention of others unless I’m doing something I would turn off the TV and leave the house to do.


I’ve struggled with depression most of my life, and if you have to have depression, New Orleans is a damn good place to have it. What has helped me the most as I’ve gotten older (besides therapy and medication!) has been learning to be kinder and more patient with myself and to do whatever it takes to do the things I know make me feel good give. The music, the food, the pace of life, the life-affirming connections—New Orleans is a place where it’s easy to be kind to yourself. It’s harder to sink into despair when you’re experiencing pure rapture on a weekly basis. Creatively speaking, New Orleans is easier and more fun to make things happen than many other places. There is a spirit of generosity and collaboration among artists rather than that of competition.


How can I choose between my precious children?! I will say 2023 is my Speak Now era. To me, that means aiming for some fairytale magic, some enchantment, a few confetti moments to celebrate personal accomplishments — but I’m also trying to show a little more attitude, even a little pettiness. I’m not so green anymore, I know what I have to offer and I’m bolder in standing up for myself and what I want.


I could defend in court that Cruel Summer is Taylor Swift’s best song. You can’t listen to this bridge without getting hyped!


05/29 Taylor Swift Era’s Brunch

6/10 Asking for a Friend: A Friendship Networking Event

6/17 dissent and dance

06/18 Delicious Father’s Day pool party for dads

23.06. BroadGay: A Queer Show Tunes Dance Party

30.06. Big gay dance party: Pride Edition

7/8 Asking for a Friend: A Friendship Networking Event

14.07. Cruel Summer: A Taylor Swift Dance Party

+ Raising Hell Karaoke every Saturday night at 10pm at The Domino

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This article appeared in the May 2023 issue of Adore


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