After voting for mandatory USB-C ports, the EU is now demanding better battery life from phone manufacturers


Previously, the European Commission (EC) voted for all devices to use USB-C connectors. Now they have decided to do another enforcement – better battery life and replacement parts for phones and tablets. Draft proposals have already been released this week, sources say.

If the regulation is passed, phone manufacturers will be forced to supply at least 15 different spare parts. So that professional repairers can maintain and repair the devices for the first five years before they expire. In addition, the EC wants consumers to have guaranteed access to spare batteries, displays, chargers, back covers and SIM card slots for the same period.

As well as the rationale for phasing out chargers for selected phones, the Commission’s draft proposals aim to reduce Europe’s carbon footprint. The Financial Times said that extending the life of phones by five years is equivalent to getting rid of 5 million cars. It may seem like an exaggeration, but it’s about reducing as much e-waste as possible.

If the phone manufacturers cannot meet the proposal to supply consumers with batteries for five years, they must pass the battery endurance test. The standard would be that devices must still have 80% battery capacity after 1000 full charge cycles, as well as provide software updates that do not affect battery life.

However, phones and tablets with a flexible screen or high-security features are not covered by the regulation. If the proposal is accepted, new energy labels could also be introduced for devices, showing battery life and resistance to water, dust and drops.

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