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Admittedly, the last time I sat down to write this column, I ran out of time and ideas. I recently experimented with the AI ​​system called ChatGPT as a tool for creating written content and saw what it can do.

It’s an impressive tool, and even more impressive is the way it works as a natural language. The more specific the prompt you give, the more targeted it can be. And so I had my column written for me! Now, this column was pretty generic, but it seemed like something I could have copied on the fly and used for my needs.

Fast forward to earlier this week and I had the opportunity to meet with an AI software integration company working through a local chamber member, Premier, and exchange ideas about solutions that could be tailored to our needs and not just accomplish tasks, but also to make informed decisions when necessary.

The reality is that this world is coming. There will come a time in the near future when the power of our computing power will be so closely tied to the way we do business that unique, specific and highly customized marketing will become the norm for large global corporations. I would like to encourage even some of our smallest companies to consider what impact such tools could have for them as an organization.

Here in the chamber we examine this type of tool for various purposes. First, as part of our economic development efforts, we want AI to look for trends in companies that will soon be expanding into new locations by looking at what communications, stock prices, and other data trends occurred in the months leading up to those announcements that we can market to them directly. Then we ask the tool to develop a tailored, catered marketing campaign aimed at that business based on what it’s currently doing and what it might need in the future.

Finally, we ask the platform to search the web for contact information for key people and start contacting them. The goal is to create a strong list of qualified leads in a variety of industries within minutes or hours. Something like this could have taken a team weeks, but we have the resources to get it done in a moment.

These opportunities exist for so many businesses, be it generating leads, making decisions and fulfilling orders, or even adjusting marketing strategies. The value of this will be tremendous for those who learn the tools and use them early on.

If you are thinking about the future development of your company or a business idea you might pursue, you should not underestimate the value of what AI can bring to you, your team and the bottom line of your company. Start with something like typing the prompt “Write me a 600-word column about leadership in Marshalltown, Iowa” in ChatGPT and start seeing the magic that could work for your business.


John Hall is the President and CEO of the

Marshalltown Area Chamber of Commerce.

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