Allied Esports Entertainment: Like buying a $1 lottery ticket for 59 cents

Michael Burrell

When I last reported on Allied Gaming & Entertainment (NASDAQ:AGAE) stock in April 2022, I implied that the company’s common stock was a $1 lottery ticket trading at 75 cents . The reason for this is pretty simple; Allied Gaming is a very small company but has a lot of money. With only $5.1 million in revenue over the trailing twelve months from the first quarter earnings. If you were judging the common stock based solely on the price-to-sales ratio of 8.3, you probably wouldn’t do anything about it.

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Q1 Buybacks (Allied Esports Entertainment)

business operations

Breakthrough Revenue (Allied Esports Entertainment)

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corporate strategy

After reviewing a wide range of options, the Board concluded that the best way to maximize shareholder value is to restructure our esports business operations and expand our focus to a broader range of gaming and entertainment products.

We are confident that the advancement of Allied’s original focus on live events and our cross-platform content, as well as the addition of new revenue drivers such as virtual entertainment events and online gaming tournaments, will result in positive financial results going forward.


The Company maintains cash, cash equivalents and short-term investments with major financial institutions, which often exceed the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’s insurance limits.



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