Almost fully exposed Eli Manning jump weirdly sets internet on fire

Eli Manning is a certified legend for the New York Giants. The former quarterback was one of the best in the game during his prime in the NFL. People consider Eli and Peyton Manning to be the NFL’s golden siblings. Despite the healthy internal competition between them, they took the field by storm for their teams. Both brothers have since retired from their professional football careers. Eli Manning wasn’t very savvy on social media during his time with the Giants. But since retiring, Eli has upped his social media game.

The former quarterback broke the internet by sharing a strange photo of himself celebrating spring break.

Eli Manning shares his spring break photo with fans


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The former quarterback recently shared a photo of himself enjoying spring break on Twitter. In the picture, we see him hilariously jumping into a lake with the caption “Spring Break!!” with both hands behind his head. It looks like Eli is enjoying life to the fullest after his retirement and there isn’t a single worry on his face. Eli made this photo the talk of the NFL world again.

Fans took to Twitter to share hilarious reactions to this oddly relaxing spring break snap of Eli Manning.


Eli Manning gives heartwarming surprise to 7-year-old super fan battling cancer (video)

Before 14 days


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The two-time Super Bowl winner is a character in the NFL loved by fans both on and off the field. Eli was a golden boy for the Giants in his prime, guiding them to two Super Bowl wins over NFL GOAT Tom Brady’s Patriots. While Brady won six Super Bowls with the Patriots, he missed two chances because of the challenge that faced him in the form of Eli Manning.

Eli a certified Giants legend

During his career with the Giants, Eli made many memorable games that still resonate in the minds of fans. One of the most memorable plays in franchise history will be his pass to former player Odell Beckham Jr. OBJ flew in the air to catch the ball, which was passed by Eli for a 43-yard touchdown pass. People will remember the Giants’ iconic game as “the catch” for times to come.


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Do you remember any other iconic moments in Eli Manning’s career with the New York Giants? Feel free to share more iconic moments with us in the comments below.

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