Amazon Prime Video trolls Netflix over new password lock, and the internet is ecstatic

In 2017, Netflix once said, “Love is sharing passwords.” Then great efforts were made to ensure that users do not share their passwords with their friends or family. Now, nobody wants Netflix to forget the 2017 comment.

After Netflix unveiled its new anti-password sharing policy for the US and some other countries, its rival Amazon Prime Video decided to attack the streaming giant.

Prime Video’s UK Twitter account poked fun at Netflix with the 2017 tweet. The account quoted the Netflix comment with an image that read:

Who’s watching: Anyone with our password ❤️

We just hope Amazon Prime Video doesn’t deviate from its words on password sharing in the future – like Netflix has done.

Regardless, people on Twitter love Amazon’s dig at Netflix.

Netflix’s controversial anti-password sharing policy

Netflix has already banned users from sharing their passwords and accounts in Canada and Latin American countries. Recently, the directive was extended to the US, UK and some other countries (India has been spared so far).

Netflix viewers in the US can no longer share their accounts with people who are not part of the same household. And Netflix household means those who don’t live under the same roof. Netflix doesn’t consider a family member who doesn’t live with you as your “household.” Photo: Netflix Instead, Netflix wants US users to use their account for each additional person (who doesn’t live under the same roof). Netflix will ensure this household tyranny by forcing users to connect their home TV as the primary device and sign in to the user’s physical and home location. At least Netflix has backed off its even more silly and desperate policy, leaked in February, of connecting and reconnecting to Wi-Fi every 30 days. Not just Amazon Prime Video

When it comes to popular brands thriving against their competitors, Amazon Prime Video isn’t alone. Recently, American OTT streaming service Peacock launched a not-so-subtle criticism of Max (formerly HBO Max) for dropping the first part of his name, saying that he won’t be dropping his own first part of the name. Likewise, Samsung has often made fun of Apple.


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