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ARNOLD, Pa. — An Arnold police officer is on unpaid administrative leave and faces charges from the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

Jacob Pollick said he legally shot a trophy on Oct. 10 during the day in the woods behind Walmart near Pittsburgh Mills.

The next day he said he had asked his friend to help him load the deer. Pollick said he had been tracking the animal for about three years.

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Last week, the Pennsylvania Game Commission charged Pollick with unlawful taking of the deer, as well as tampering with evidence and intimidating a witness.

According to the criminal complaint, Pollick is accused of hiding evidence before officers arrived at his home.

He denies this and says he was moving two deer heads to his porch to show officers.

As for witness intimidation, the gambling commission said Pollick told his friend to forget the timeline of events from the day the deer was shot if his friend was subpoenaed to testify.

Pollick said he never told his friend to lie and said it was all a big misunderstanding.

Pollick said he tagged and reported the deer within a day of harvesting it.

According to the complaint, the gambling commission seized several deer heads from Pollick’s home because he could not provide satisfactory evidence that the deer were legally captured.

Pollick hopes this will all be resolved in court and he can return to work as an officer. The gambling commission said it was an ongoing matter and would not provide further information.

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