Battlefield 2042 Update 4.1.0 will be released next week and here are all the changes, optimizations and bug fixes

DICE announced that Battlefield 2042 Update 4.1.0 will be released next week and revealed its full changelog. This new update brings three new vault weapons (AEK 971, RPK-74M and MP443), IBA Armor Plate Overhaul and a bunch of improvements.

Since the changelog is quite large, we won’t waste any more time.

As always, Origin and Steam will download this patch as soon as it becomes available next week.

Battlefield 2042 Update 4.1.0 Release Notes General and Gameplay Improvements IBA Armor Plates now only provide protection for your Specialist’s chest area. Your limbs and head area remain unprotected Increased XP earned and feedback when you destroy an enemy EOD bot Revive a teammate in a target area in Breakthrough Fixed an animation issue that would be interrupted when prone crawling with a throwing device in hand. Fixed an issue that prevented grenades from being able to be thrown through a window on Renewal at E2 dealing inconsistent melee damage if the mouse is dragged in any direction just before hitting. Melee attacks on an enemy who is on a ladder now deal the same damage as the standard melee attack at a rate of 50 damage through doors You can now charge through doors while gliding Exiting a vehicle Fixed an issue that sometimes caused one to slide to achieve unintended acceleration. Also fixed an issue that caused a slight unwanted camera shake after a low jump. Improved animations of the recoilless M5 and G-84 TGM. The default Engineer weapon has now been moved from the DM7 to the LCMG for proper synergy with Weapon Mastery. Specialist Mastery improvements Adjusted Sundance’s mastery requirement from 30 to 20 kills and assists with the Smart Explosives Adjusted Crawford’s mastery requirement from 50 to 30 kills and assists with the Mounted Vulcan Also adjusted Zain’s mastery requirement from 50 to 30 kills and assists with the XM370A Adjusted the mastery requirement of Lis was updated from 10 vehicles destroyed with the G-84 TGM to 10 kills Destroying vehicles with the G-84 TGM Dozer’s mastery requirement from 20 kills with the SOB-8 B updated Allistic Shield to 40 kills at close range to get a Allowing for a more varied playstyle with Dozer, while still making sure it’s close and personal. Audio HDR audio overhaul to create higher dynamic range in the mix EBLC RAM to minimize uphill switching. This will help ensure repeated audio cues can be heard. Fixed an issue where there was a buzzing sound after using a sniper scope. The audio that plays when various vehicle projectiles fly past you, such as B. Air-to-ground missiles, 40mm and 30mm guns has been improved, kinetic shell casings and more. It’s worth noting that you’ll mostly benefit from this experience by dodging such projectiles, if not – well, seek out a support specialist. The airburst distance update sound now triggers according to the graph and range shown in the UI. The repair tool should now be more audible in the MV-38 Condor SPH Explosive Launcher Fixed an issue where Javelin’s lock-on sound or engine sound would not trigger. Fixed an issue where Javelin’s projectile sound would not trigger. Gadgets. Updated the FGM-148 Javelin tutorial video. Added damage mode tooltips for the Defibrillator in the Battlefield Portal. Battlefield 2042 melee weapons are now listed in the Battlefield Portal. Smoke grenades now explode underwater, sorry penguins. Fixed an issue that caused the BF3 SOFLAM to become inaccessible after deploying friendly Claymores is now displayed on the minimap. Repair tool animation no longer persists when switching to a different G adget Tracer dart can no longer latch through large environmental objects Tracer dart now allows allied teammates to lock onto stealth choppers even if they are moving are in stealth mode. FXM-33 Stinger UI will now animate when capturing an enemy Nightbird designated by a friendly tracer. M18 Claymore sensor can no longer be triggered by enemies in its radius up M18 Claymores through solid objects. This shouldn’t happen anymore. Players are now notified with the correct icon while a ranger is being hacked or under the effect of EMP. Fixed an issue that caused the FXM-33 Stinger to not deal damage to soldiers targeted by a Tracer Arrow. The ability to defuse Rush MCOM stations with the EOD bot has been temporarily disabled. This feature will be re-enabled in a future update. specialists
Angel Angel does it again since his loadout crate cannot be summoned onto vehicles. Angel’s loadout box can no longer be placed on bushes. Try again. Blasco Fixed an issue that resulted in the X6 Infiltration Device not showing up in the Restrictions section of the Portal Builder Fixed an issue that resulted in Blasco using deceptive voice lines when pinging a threat over long distances. The radius on the X6 Infiltration Device should now display correctly while the large map is open. Casper Casper’s OV-P Recon Drone now deals damage to Claymores, C5, AT shells, and proximity sensors.; Falck Ranger can no longer be healed with the S21 Syrette pistol Irish APS-36 Shootdown Sentinel now intercepts Ghostmaker R10’s explosive bolt Interaction prompt consistency on Irish DC-2 Deployable Cover Zain has been improved. The XM370A range counter should no longer appear getting stuck at 0 in a vehicle Weapons Fixed an issue that caused the incorrect icon to be displayed in the Portal Web Builder for the AC9 Fixed an issue where the wrong killcard information was displayed after killing an enemy with a “Mass” underrun could sometimes get stuck in a melee attack loop while repeatedly pressing both melee attack and weapon fire at the same time M240B now has the correct headshot m ultiplier of 2X Fixed an issue that caused this caused magazines to disappear while using certain attachment combinations and sprinting A-91 no longer applied incorrect sprint settings Scopes disabled other distortion effects even when not ADS shooting with the RM68 will now show you on the minimap if you have runs without use silencers. The vertical reticle of the Kobra scope no longer disappears during ADS when adjusted on SVD and Type 88 LMG. Fixed an issue where the reload SFX on the RPT-31 was not playing as intended. Improved VCAR weapon icon consistency. The intended magazine size of 30 bullets is now displayed for AC9 Subsonic in the Collection tab. Sniper rifles now have a dispersion penalty when vehicles are moving Explosive damage applied to the seat incorrectly Fixed an issue that caused the overheat reticle to grow larger when switching primary and secondary weapons RWS on MAV with 50mm guns now use the correct reticle Grenades that have already detonated, such as B. Incendiary and smoke grenades are no longer intercepted by vehicle AMPS systems. Fixed an issue that caused Battlefield 3 aircraft rotors to not display correctly Missile lock-ons are now immediately removed from a vehicle that had SOFLAM lock-ons active and the vehicle was “under radar”. RWS on the LATV4 are now more consistent with his base color CAV Brawler player legs should no longer protrude from the vehicle while perched on the CAV Brawler’s open seats Gadgets can no longer be deployed under the CAV Brawler. Only disabled abilities are now greyed out in inventory while crouched in CAV brawler John Papadopoulos’ open seat

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