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Landon Stormer from Frewsburg crossed the finish line in the 100 meter dash with a terrific time of 10.91 seconds. Stormer added a win in the 200 meters and led the Bears to a Class D, Section VI track and field championship Friday at Randolph Central School. PJ photo by Tim Frank

RANDOLPH – It was a good day to be a bear and a cardinal.

Led by two individual victories from Landon Stormer and Cody Kent, Frewsburg won the Section VI Class D boys’ track and field championship at Randolph Central School on Friday.

But the hosting Cardinals certainly made a lot of noise as two athletes — Jaiden Huntington and Roan Kelly — each took back-to-back first-place finishes.

For the record, Frewsburg amassed 155 points, Randolph was second with 141.5, Holland was third with 78, and Maple Grove was fourth with 48, highlighting the 12-team field.

Stormer won the 100m in a stunning time of 10.91 seconds and the 200m in 22.68 seconds while Kent won the 3200m (10:27.29) and 3000m steeplechase (10:26.32) won.

Isa Kioko from Clymer/Sherman/Panama crosses the bar in the high jump. Kioko won first place at 5 feet tall. PJ photo by Tim Frank

For Randolph, Huntington had great shot put (51-7.5) and discus (155-10) throws, and Kelly took first place in the 800 meters (2:11.61) and 1,600 meters (4:45.10) .

The other doubles winner among the area boys was Jonah Foley of Maple Grove, who won the high jump (5-10) and triple jump (41-9.5).

Tyyetta Herman of Franklinville/Ellicottville won three individual events – the 100 meters (12.59), the 200 meters (25.88) and the 400 meters (58.22) – and led the Panthers to the team title with 125 points. Randolph was second with 104 and Clymer/Sherman/Panama were third with 74, leading the 13-man field.

Other Area Girls doubles winners included Megan Jackson of Franklinville/Ellicottville in shot put (34-4) and discus (112-8); and Frewsburg’s Gracie Conlan in the long jump (16-5.25) and triple jump (33-2.25).


Randolph’s Jaiden Huntington performs his throwing movement in the discus. Huntington took first place with a distance of 155 feet and 10 inches. PJ photo by Tim Frank

team results

Franklinville 125, Randolph 104, Clymer/Sherman/Panama 74, Portville 55, Holland 47, Frewsburg 46.5, Barker 28, Wilson 27.5, Maple Grove 18, Cattaraugus-Little Valley 10, Gowanda 10, West Valley 10, Research Lab 2.

100m: Tyyetta Herman (Franklinville), Grace Lennon (Frewsburg), Jenna Wyant (Portville), Savanna Jones (Wilson), Taylor Howard (Holland). T – 12.59.

200m: Tyyetta Herman (Franklinville), Emma Gassman (Cattaraugus-Little Valley), Payton Morrison (Randolph), Julia Wyant (Portville), Elon Gwan (Research Lab). T-25.88.

400m: Tyyetta Herman (Franklinville), Jenna Wyant (Portville), Payton Morrison (Randolph), Tess Flikkema (Clymer/Sherman/Panama), Addison Elia (Wilson). T-58:22.

Leighanne Swan of Clymer, Sherman, Panama shows her winning form in the 100 meter hurdles at the Section VI Class D Championships Friday in Randolph. PJ photo by Tim Frank

800m: Grace Teijeira (Holland), Acadia Peirick (Holland), Ava Haynes (Portville), Sara Smith (Randolph), Haley Odell (Clymer/Sherman/Panama). T-2:31,62.

1500m: Olivia Harmony (West Valley), Acadia Peirick (Holland), Emma Evans (Barker), Mikala Woock (Barker), Samantha Bray (Portville). T-5:12,83.

3000m: Emma Evans (Barker), Hannah Schauman (Clymer/Sherman/Panama), Lily Elliss (Maple Grove), Grace Cooke (Clymer/Sherman/Panama), Gracyn Rowland (Randolph). T-11:21.47.

100m hurdles: Leighanne Swan (Clymer/Sherman/Panama), Madelaine Schultz (Wilson), Corinne Inkley (Randolph), Olivia Hallenbeck (Frewsburg), Anna Slavinski (Franklinville). T-15.61.

400m hurdles: Anna Slavinski (Franklinville), Aryanna Hatch (Portville), Julia Galley (Holland), Lizzie Lai (Maple Grove), Mattie Evans-Brown (Randolph). T-1:09.56.

Randolph’s Roan Kelly takes first place in the 1,600 meter dash. PJ photo by Tim Frank

2000m Steeplechase: Alysa Williams (Franklinville), Bianca Bush (Franklinville), Gracyn Rowland (Randolph), Lily Bohall (Maple Grove), Samantha Bray (Portville). T-8:00.96.

400m Relay: Frewsburg (Olivia Hallenbeck, Gracie Conlan, Sopheia Nelson-Bennett, Grace Lennon), Portville, Randolph, Wilson, Clymer/Sherman/Panama. T — 53.09.

1600m Relay: Portville (Jessica Daley, Aryanna Hatch, Jenna Wyant, Julia Wyant), Randolph, Holland, Clymer/Sherman/Panama, Franklinville. T-4:17.90.

3200m Relay: Clymer/Sherman/Panama (Hannah Schauman, Tayden Persons, Solki Martin Lacayo, Haley Odell), Randolph, Holland, Franklinville, Maple Grove. T-10:28,77.

High Jump: Isa Kioko (Clymer/Sherman/Panama), Leighanne Swan (Clymer/Sherman/Panama), Eve Adams (Randolph), Abby Chudy (Franklinville), Madison Horn (Wilson). H – 5:0.

Pole Vault: Corinne Inkley (Randolph), Eve Adams (Randolph), Anna Slavinski (Franklinville), Hailey Dodge (Barker), Elayna Pitts (Frewsburg). H-11-0.

Long Jump: Gracie Conlan (Frewsburg), Corinne Inkley (Randolph), Abby Chudy (Franklinville), Tyyetta Herman (Franklinville), Leighanne Swan (Clymer/Sherman/Panama). D—16-5:25.

Triple jump: Gracie Conlan (Frewsburg), Mattie Evans-Brown (Randolph), Marisa Schultz (Wilson), Lily Johnson (Clymer/Sherman/Panama), Lily Borowski (Clymer/Sherman/Panama). D—33-2:25.

Shot Put: Megan Jackson (Franklinville), Elizabeth Price (Franklinville), Crissa Scanlan (Gowanda), Renee Waterman (Randolph), Madigan Collver (Frewsburg). D-34-4.

Discuss: Megan Jackson (Franklinville), Elizabeth Price (Franklinville), Renee Waterman (Randolph), Crissa Scanlan (Gowanda). D-112-8.


team results

Frewsburg 155, Randolph 141.5, Holland 78, Maple Grove 48, Franklinville 37, Wilson 30, Barker 23, Portville 19, Research Lab 8, Cattaraugus-Little Valley 7, Clymer/Sherman/Panama 6, West Valley 5.5.

100m: Landon Stormer (Frewsburg), Jay’quan Knight (Research Lab), Tyler Konter (Holland), Patrick Spencer (Frewsburg), Logan Wolfe (Wilson). T-10.91.

200m: Landon Stormer (Frewsburg), Talon Rowland (Randolph), Jacob Constantino (Frewsburg), Patrick Spencer (Frewsburg), Jordan Leising (Barker). T-22.68.

400 m: Talon Rowland (Randolph), Landon Stormer (Frewsburg), Ben Seiflein (Cattaraugus-Little Valley), Jacob Constantino (Frewsburg), Simon Szymanski (Portville). T-51.91.

800m: Roan Kelly (Randolph), Hayden Fellows (Wilson), Ethan Verbosky (Maple Grove), Brady German (Portville), Joey-Dane Jones (Wilson). T-2:11,61.

1600m: Roan Kelly (Randolph), Ethan Verbosky (Maple Grove), Cody Kent (Frewsburg), Mason Allee-Castro (Barker), Keegan Foxvog (Wilson). T-4:45.10.

3200 m: Cody Kent (Frewsburg), Juvenal Diaz-Cortes (Frewsburg), Grant Cornell (Franklinville), Jack Tharnish (West Valley), Weston Peirick (Holland). T-10:27.29.

110m hurdles: Zayne Cline (Frewsburg), Brandan Devereaux (Frewsburg), Carson Conley (Randolph), Bardy Wiskup (Holland), Benjamin Edwards (Franklinville). T — 4:30 p.m.

400m hurdles: Brady Wiskup (Holland), Brendan Devereaux (Frewsburg), Benjamin Edwards (Franklinville), Carson Conley (Randolph), Maddox Johnson (Franklinville). T-1:01.25.

3000m Steeplechase: Cody Kent (Frewsburg), Jaydan Ruble (Wilson), Xander Pitts (Frewsburg), Jacob Leitzan (Holland), Parker Patterson (Randolph). T-10:26.32.

400m relay: Frewsburg (Vincent Sanfilippo, Brendan Devereaux, Cole Vaughn, Patrick Spencer), Holland, Barker, Randolph, Franklinville. T-46.65.

1600m relay: Frewsburg (Jacob Constantino, Vincent Sanfilippo, Brendan Devereaux, Landon Stormer). T-3:31.55.

3200m Relay: Randolph (Domanik Clark, Dempsey McDonald, Jordan Parson, Damon Fischer), Maple Grove, Frewsburg, Franklinville, Wilson. T-8:59,74.

High Jump: Jonah Foley (Maple Grove), Gavin Stearns (Randolph), Jack Galley (Holland), Bryan Randolph (Portville), Henry Anderson (Holland). H-5-10.

Pole vault: Caden Inkley (Randolph), Clayton Crouse (Randolph), Jack Mahar (Wilson), Noah Collins (Frewsburg), Evan Leonard (Franklinville). H-13-0.

Long Jump: Tyler Konter (Holland), Talon Rowland (Randolph), Jonah Foley (Maple Grove), Vincent Sanfilippo (Frewsburg), Caden Bish (Franklinville). D – 21-3:25.

Long Jump: Jonah Foley (Maple Grove), Vincent Sanfilippo (Frewsburg), Tyler Konter (Holland), Dominic Breton (Franklinville), Parker Dornan (Portville). D-41-9.

Shot Put: Jaiden Huntington (Randolph), Ryan Carpenter (Randolph), Ryan Oleksy (Holland), Zackary Santarsiero (Barker), Bill Slavinski (Franklinville). D – 51-7.5

Discussing: Jaiden Huntington (Randolph), Ryan Oleksy (Holland), Ryan Carpenter (Randolph), Dominic Breton (Franklinville), Duke Redsteer (Barker). D-155-10.

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