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Burlington County Honors NJ State Detective Memorial Day Weekend

MARLTON, NJ (CBS) – A New Jersey State Police detective found a Memorial Day weekend crowd Friday morning at J. Harold Van Zant Elementary School. Students lined the streets chanting “USA, USA!”

“We surprised a local hero,” said Dave Silver, president of Operation Yellow Ribbon.

“You know how much I love being the center of attention,” New Jersey State Police Detective Jacob Schor said.

In fact, he’s not the one who wants the spotlight. However, he has already received the 2021 New Jersey State Police Officer of the Year award for his work after a mass shooting in May of that year in Fairfield Township. On this memorial weekend, the students just wanted to thank their hero. This was part of a lesson from Operation Yellow Ribbon.

“It starts at the top with the principal, the teachers, the staff, the parents and all the guardians,” Silver said. “It’s just a great community. The school does a great job.”

Silver reminded families to observe Memorial Day every day.

“But this weekend, we’re going to take time to honor the dead who served our country and didn’t come home,” he said.

Schor also remembered those who survived but still lost a lot.

“Who hasn’t gone home or gone to a totally different world where they have to live a completely different life,” Schor said.

As the community thanked veteran Schor, he had something to say to the community and his fellow officers.

“Thank you very much to all.”.

CBS News Philadelphia reporter Kim Hudson contributed to this story.

CBS News Philadelphia Staff

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