C77 Entertainment invites private alpha testers to lock and load in Project Slingshot

Project Slingshot is scheduled to launch in 2023 and is inviting private alpha testers to lock and load

C77 Entertainment, a new studio led by industry veterans, today announced Project Slingshot, the codename for an all-new multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) game expected to launch in 2023.

Part of Embracer Freemode, a home for developers and entrepreneurs in the games and entertainment industry, C77 Entertainment is a newly formed studio led by industry veterans such as EA Dice and 343 Industries, a team with decades of experience and responsibility for some gamings most prestigious FPS games.

Project Slingshot promises a uniquely fresh approach to the FPS genre. In a new IP, players are invited to enter a world where corporations rule and use battles to settle their differences to devastating effect. Capitalizing on the chaos, the big corporations monetize their thirst for power by televising the fight to an adoring TV audience as players fight for glory and the will to survive. A 16v16 objective-based sandbox, Project Slingshot promises an experience like no other as players choose their weapon of choice and enter the adrenaline-pumping combat of the new world.

Those brave enough to take part in the live survival spectacle won’t have to wait long as C77 Entertainment is currently recruiting private participants as the game enters alpha testing. Those interested in registering are encouraged to visit http://www.projectslingshotalpha.com/ for more details.

C77 Entertainment is led by CEO Mattias Kylén, Multiplayer Level Lead behind many popular Battlefield maps including Operation Metro, Grand Bazaar, Siege of Shanghai, Caspian Border and more.

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