Can we schedule telegram messages?

Can we schedule telegram messages?

With the cloud-based instant messaging service Telegram, you can communicate with people anywhere in the world by sending them messages, pictures, videos and files of any type. However, scheduling messages for later is one of the features of Telegram that not many other apps have. Yes, you heard right!

In addition, Telegram offers a feature that allows users to delete all messages sent or received by both participants during a one-to-one chat. Other features not present in other instant messaging apps are also available on Telegram. Similar to a built-in translator that allows users to translate the communication within the app to any language. Other new features include a QR code generator that lets users find other users, message reactions (a feature just added to WhatsApp), and more.

Below are the steps that you can follow Schedule Telegram messages:

  • Go to the chat room where you want to schedule your message by opening the Telegram app
  • Open the chat, type your message, then long press the send message button to send it
  • A popup with two options will appear; The first is Schedule Messages, which allows you to send the message quietly without alerting the recipient’s phone. Choose the second option
  • The app will prompt you to choose the day and time you want the recipient to receive the message when you select Schedule Messages.
  • After choosing the time and day, schedule the message by clicking the blue icon below
  1. Does Telegram have a calendar?
    Hyper speed scrolling, calendar view, date bar, admin permission setting for invite links, chat themes and other features are available in messaging app.
  2. Can scheduled Telegram messages be sent without data?
    The scheduled messages will be delivered on time even if your device is turned off or loses connection.
  3. How can I use the Telegram calendar?
    Tap the date bar to see a calendar interface with media previews for each day, then tap to view all media from that day and find content quickly. Users can join their group or channel at any time thanks to the invite link feature.
  4. Can we send scheduled messages on WhatsApp?
    There is no option to schedule messages in WhatsApp.


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