Canelita Sabrosa releases self-titled album

Canelita Sabrosa
The band Canelita Sabrosa releases their self-titled debut album.

* “I want to keep that style going for years to come,” conga player Chris Nettuno said of his band Canelita Sabrosa‘s music, featured on her self-titled debut album. “What makes us unique is…we have one African American, one Puerto Rican, I’m Italian, one Afro-Cuban…”

That “Canelita Sabrosa (Delicious Cinnamon)” (Canelita Sabrosa Records) album offers listeners 16 tracks and four of them feature Kenny Nettuno’s vocals giving the album the icing on a well prepared cake. The band consists of Chris and Kenny (also on acoustic guitar); Julio Miranda, Jr. on electric, acoustic, and bass guitars; chunk sounds on drums; Frankie Quinones on drums; Matt Stallard, J. Troy and Andre Bowman on bass; Justin Powell on trumpet and Ed Hughes and Mac Isseks on saxophone and flute. All musicians are fellow studio instrumentalists who decided to form a multicultural band after months of performing to a growing audience on Chris’ front porch.

“I started playing congas late in life,” Nettuno said when I asked him. “It’s my band. We’re an all-jazz band, but I learned that jazz bands have a hard time getting jobs, so I wanted to make music that would get us jobs.”

Canelita Sabrosa is known for turning cover songs into something instrumentally special. They play Latin, Jazz, R&B, Funk and Rock. Their new self-titled album features originals and covers.

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“I say they dig into your soul. Whatever comes out, let it go if it’s your solo,” Nettuno said of Canelita Sabrosa’s play.

Chris said during Covid some of his studio musician friends didn’t know how to make a living so he paid them to perform in his living room. The noises coming from his house drew a dancing crowd, which grew larger and larger. Then they moved out of his house to his porch and the crowd grew even larger. So much so that they ended up on the local news.

“I spent $500 I didn’t have and streamed it. There were people from Italy, France, Spain and South America,” said Chris of creating the concept for the new album. “You don’t know who teaches. When we moved to the porch, there were 150-200 people there. We did this for about four months before Atlanta reopened. We noticed that there are older people and younger people – children. I said we have to record this.”

The album Canelita Sabrosa is truly a treat, produced by five-time Grammy winner Dru Castro (Usher), Chunky Sounds and two-time Grammy winner Julio Mirando. Four-time Grammy winner Ralph Cacciurri (Coldplay) was the engineer on the project. Most of the tracks I love are covers because I love how they make the different instruments sing so brilliantly you can almost hear words. Some of my favorites on the album #1 include Camila Cabello’s cover “Senorita” because the guitar playing is so hot and sexy; #3 “Si Se Puede (Yes You Can)” for the rhythm of the congas and horn playing that gives it a Latin feel; #6 Camila Cabello’s cover of “Havana” because of the way the guitar sings and I love the congas solo it gives it that Latin feel and I have to mention the trumpet solo it’s jazzy hot; #8 the Bill Withers cover “Use Me” because I love how the congas start the track and then how the guitar sings again – I could almost hear words – and I love the horn climax, and #9 The Cure’s cover “Love Song” Because this guitar sings again so much that I didn’t have it! www.CandelitaSabrosa.com

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