Carrollton raises the cost of doing business | Carroll News Democrat

Carrollton City Council this week passed the second reading of an ordinance that will more than double the fee some businesses pay for professional licenses, with the biggest increases targeting those who own rental properties.

Tuesday’s vote marks the first time the license fees required to operate a business in Carrollton have been updated.

The new regulation also adds businesses not previously covered by the original 2008 regulation, including auto repair and detailing, both of which must now pay $150 per year to operate. A fee was added to the list for those who sell so-called “vape” products, and they pay $1,000 annually.

The biggest increase is in rental properties, particularly rental properties with more than 20 units. For example, a company renting 50 units previously paid $500. The same company is now paying $1,325. For those renting 95 units, the new fee is $2,450, up from the previous fee of $800.

Liquor seller royalties have also risen, with beer distributors increasing from $250 to $500 and beer retail stores from $100 to $300. Retail sales of wine ($200) and Sunday spirits ($100) were flat.

Builders also pay more under the new regulation. For general contractors, the fee will increase from $200 to $300, and for carpenters, concrete workers, electricians, painters, plumbers and roofers it will increase from $200 to $250.

Manufacturing sites (excluding alcohol) will increase from $1,000 to $1,700 under the new regulation, and medical offices will increase from $1,000 to $1,850.

Insurance bureaus will go from $300 to $500, and junkyard operators will pay $850 instead of $500.

Those in the adult entertainment industry are now paying $2,000 compared to $1,500 previously.


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