CDI Social Justice Commemoration mural with book signing and permanent art

Photo of the underpass by photographer Elle Su.

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) will commemorate the mural, titled The Neverending Story, by displaying canvas photos of the mural and their collaborative painting process in its office. The office will also host a book signing event for the book that lead artist, De’Joneiro Jones, has created about the mural.

The CDI bought up all existing copies of Jones’ book at $125 per book, while copies of the book that are now out of stock are being sold online for $40. Later this semester, CDI will distribute the books to students at a book signing with Jones.

The Dean of the Center for Diversity and Inclusion, Dr. Mark Kamimura-Jiménez said he wants to help students remember the mural through the CDI’s commemoration efforts.

Six artists collaborated on the underpass, originally planned for the first two weeks of the fall 2022 semester. The mural was commissioned as part of national talks on race and was painted at a time when activities being advertised in the typically space could not be carried out as usual due to the pandemic.

The Center for Student Transitions and Family Programs (then called the First Year Center) commissioned Jones to “develop a mural project that aligns with the university’s values ​​of diversity and inclusion,” said student dean Rob Wild.

White supremacists from the group Patriot Front vandalized the mural last December, with one man, Mitchell Wagner, facing criminal charges Crimes of first degree criminal damage according to investigation. After the vandalism, community members painted “Black Lives Matter” over the portion of the underpass that was destroyed.

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