Celebrities reveal their biggest relationship regrets

Regrets – we all have them. There is always something we would have liked to have done differently. When it comes to relationships, these regrets can haunt us for some time, but we can also learn from our mistakes and use them as a catalyst for change and better relationships in the future.

Celebrities also have their breakups and makeups, and even they have regrets about some things they said or did in the past. Whether they let that special someone get away or ended up cheating, there are many famous people who still regret their actions to this day.

Madonna recently answered 50 fan questions on her YouTube channel to promote her new album, Finally Enough Love. A fan asked the singer to reveal a decision she’s made in the past that she now thinks isn’t the best. Madonna replied: “Get married. Both times.” The Queen of Pop has been married twice, first to Sean Penn in 1985 and 1989 and then to director Guy Ritchie in 2000-20008.

Regarding her marriage to Ritchie, the singer said, “I got on a soap opera and lived in it for quite a long time of my life.” Not a great review! Sean Penn is a more complicated figure in her life. Madonna has publicly showered him with praise and expressed her love for him in the decades since their divorce, even jokingly offering to remarry him. They seem to have an excellent relationship, despite rumors of physical abuse in their marriage.

Madonna says that while her marriages may not have been her best ideas, she has no doubts about her family and says having six children is her proudest achievement.

Browse the gallery and find out how your favorite stars regret the relationship.

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