Chiefs News 9/27: A lot of betters lost out on Chief’ woes

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Winner: The House

Here’s my betting strategy: if a line looks good, I’ll bet on it. When a line appears to Well, I’m staying the fuck away because obviously someone smarter than me knows something I don’t. That happened Sunday when the Chiefs were street favorites against the Colts. Kansas City had Patrick Mahomes, a 2-0 record and a resume that includes two Super Bowl appearances (with a win) since 2019. Indianapolis has had what’s left of Matt Ryan, no playoff wins since Andrew Luck retired, and a 0-1-1 record that includes a tie against the woeful Texans and a 24-0 loss to the Jaguars included. How could anyone expect this game to be close? The spread was 5.5 points for some reason. Less than a touchdown!

And so America threw money at this ridiculous line. According to FanDuel, 91 percent of the bets were on the Chiefs; This was the top betting game of the day at BetMGM and the Chiefs were the top betting team of the day in terms of both betting and total money. My boss put the Chiefs’ money line into his “Game of the Year.” Anyone with a smartphone and a promo code had money at KC.

And the Chiefs ate it. They didn’t cover the spread or even win the game. The Chiefs lost a game they dominated, allowing Indianapolis to score the game-winning touchdown with 24 seconds remaining. Mahomes threw an interception after getting the ball back and the Chiefs lost 20-17.

Reich’s Best/Worst Decisions: Week 3 vs. Chiefs | Stampede Blue (Indianapolis Colts SB Nation website)

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Gus Bradley’s game plan against Mahomes

After a slow start, the Colts’ defense finally came forward and put together a masterclass against the Chiefs. Kwity Paye, DeForest Buckner, and Yannick Ngakoue combined for 14 pressings, while deep player Ifeadi Odenigbo contributed with 3 pressings on just 6 pass-rushing snaps, which is insane effectiveness. Holding Patrick Mahomes for 262 yards on 35 pass attempts, just a single touchdown, and his first interception of the season is an incredible feat from a defense that looked as soft as Charmin last week against the Jaguars. Credit to Bradley for having the defense ready to play and it speaks to him that deep players like Odenigbo, Rodney Thomas and Rodney McLeod have performed so well after injuries forced them into action.

Using Jelani Woods in the red zone

The Colts struggled badly in the redzone to start the season and only went 2-7 in their first two games of the year, so things had to change. Reich used rookie tight end Jelani Woods more in the redzone and he caught two touchdowns, including the game-winning score, with just 24 seconds remaining. Woods is massive and stands 6’7”. Therefore, using that large frame when the Colts need only yards of offense to score is imperative to maintaining that level of success.

Five wildest moments from NFL Week 3: A butt punt in Miami, a clutchless Tom Brady and a UFO delay | CBS sports

4. Shocking loss of the chief

“Any Sunday” is not just a phrase, but reality. The Chiefs looked like a top 2 or 3 team in Week 3 as they were undefeated and likely going up against the worst team they have faced so far this season in the winless Indianapolis Colts. Frank Reich and Matt Ryan tied with the Houston Texans in Week 1 and then were completely knocked out by the Jaguars in Week 2. This would be an easy win for Kansas City. Right?

No, the Colts walked away with a 20-17 win. Ryan led a 16-game, 76-yard game-winning drive that lasted over eight minutes. It was capped by a touchdown catch by Jelani Woods with just 24 seconds remaining – the rookie’s second touchdown catch of the game. There were several reasons for the Chiefs’ loss. The offense didn’t look explosive, the rushing attack went nowhere and there were early penalties and turnovers. One streak that stood out was when the Chiefs, four points ahead early in the fourth quarter, attempted to play a fake field goal pass in fourth place at the Colts’ 24-yard line. They didn’t convert the first down and ended up losing by three. That is hard.

Expect the unexpected in this league.

Lessons from NFL Week 3 losses by the Bucs, Chiefs, Bills | ESPN

After the game, umpire Shawn Smith pointed out the penalty for “offensive language to an opponent” to a pool reporter. I have my concerns about penalties for speaking on the football field and it’s disappointing to see such a pivotal moment in a game governed by a referee’s opinion, which may have hurt Ryan’s feelings. It also seems to be a rule that’s easy to avoid invoking in a key situation. Jones is a great player but being punished at that moment was a disaster.

It’s also a shame, because otherwise it was an incredible performance by the Chiefs Defense. They allowed one touchdown on that four-yard field in the first quarter and otherwise limited the Colts to 134 offensive yards in the first three quarters. Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo seemed a step ahead of Ryan and coach Frank Reich as the Chiefs fired Ryan five times, knocked him down 10 times and appeared to have a steady stream of unblocked blitzers running freely toward the quarterback. If a team concedes for more than 50 yards for the entire game, their defense has usually done enough to win.

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2022 NFL season, week 3: What we learned from the Cowboys’ win over Giants on Monday night |

There’s more to the Dallas defense than just Micah Parsons. The sophomore linebacker is an absolute spoilsport, but Monday night really belonged to Demarcus Lawrence. Defensive coordinator Dan Quinn toyed with Lawrence’s alignment for most of the night, causing problems for New York’s maligned offensive line, and Lawrence benefited from three sacks and four pressings. Parsons added four more pressings, with the two teaming with Dorance Armstrong (four pressings, one sack) to harass Jones throughout the night. Dallas finally capitalized on the win as Diggs dived to intercept the win, capping a night that would make Quinn proud of his unit’s consistent ability to make a difference. It will be much more important in the coming weeks.

Chargers LT Rashawn Slater suffers from a torn biceps tendon likely to miss the rest of the 2022 season |

The news makes Sunday’s defeat even more expensive. Slater had a stellar rookie season and established himself as Los Angeles’ left tackle of the future, a longtime protector of franchise quarterback Justin Herbert. Unfortunately for the Chargers, a week after Herbert sustained a painful rib cartilage injury, his blindside blocker suffered an even more serious injury that will likely end his campaign after just three games.

Slater finished the 2021 season with a strong Pro Football Focus offensive score of 83.6 and after three weeks was on track for an even better sophomore year with a score of 84, a mark propelled by an excellent running blocking ability becomes. Rather than continue at a strong pace, the bicep injury will end his second season in the first month.

Tyreek Hill wants revenge on Bengals cornerback Eli Apple

NFL replaces Pro Bowl with “The Pro Bowl Games” with weeklong skill competitions, flag football game | ESPN

The new event will replace the full-contact show begun in 1951. Renamed The Pro Bowl Games, it will feature AFC and NFC players demonstrating their soccer and non-soccer skills in challenges spanning multiple days. The 2023 games will be played in Las Vegas and the flag football game at Allegiant Stadium will be on February 5th.

Peyton Manning and his company Omaha Productions will be programming and promoting the content of the event throughout the week. Manning, a 14-time Pro Bowl pick during his Hall of Fame career, will provide his perspective and also be part of the flag game coaching staff.

“The Pro Bowl is something that we’ve been looking at for a while and really evolving,” NFL manager Peter O’Reilly told The Associated Press. “After last year’s game, we really made the decision based on a lot of internal discussions, getting feedback from GMs and coaches, and getting a lot of feedback from players. We believe there is a real opportunity here to do something different and break away from the traditional game of tackle football. We decided the goal was to celebrate 88 of the NFL’s biggest stars in a truly positive, fun, yet competitive way.

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It’s okay to admit the Chiefs miss Tyreek Hill

Trading Hill was a step that had to be made for the future of this squad. The trade worsened the Chiefs of 2022 but improved the fortunes of the 2023 squad and beyond. Sure, the Chiefs have seen their struggles on offense with Hill, and many will point to last season when the Chiefs struggled in October and November.

The offense in 2022 had to be better than in 2021 AFC Championship. Taking Hill away was a massive step back for the bottom of that offense. Sure, you can squint and see a situation where they were as good offensively as they were last year. But better than 2021 (Fourth in overall offense) seems unlikely.

The problem with Hill’s analysis is that many analysts look at the Chiefs without him and think they’ve lost the ability to stretch teams vertically. But the addition of Marquez Valdes scantling will continue to force teams to respect the deep threat. Even Hardman earns respect from cover based on speed alone.

15 excuses after the Chiefs lost to the Colts

“Ultimately the game was decided by what really counts: a referee overhearing an indecent word.”

“Well, that’s the last time we find our kicker on LinkedIn.”

“We’re always fighting young, mobile quarterbacks.”

“Mahomes was distracted by Andrew Luck sipping mai tais and gushed about the joys of early retirement.”

“Shouldn’t have let Nathaniel Hackett coach our special teams.”

“Chris Jones screwed up the game by becoming the first player in NFL history to swear.”

“We told Skyy to drop a ‘y’ from his name – and well, we suspect he misheard.”

“In retrospect, Jägermeister might have been a bad idea before the game.”

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