Congratulations to JF Taylor on his 40th Anniversary in St. Mary’s County!

GREAT MILLS, Md. – On this day in 1983 (March 17), John F. Taylor, Sr. and his wife, Helen, founded JF Taylor, Inc. – which is now the largest locally based family business in St. Mary’s County!

Today, three generations of the Taylor family celebrated with the Commissioners of St. Mary’s County (Commissioner Eric Colvin & Commissioner – Scott Ostrow), St. Mary’s County Economic Development (Director – Chris Kaselemis), Maryland Department of Commerce (Regional Manager Southern Maryland – Steve Wall), St. Mary’s County Chamber of Commerce (Chairman – Marsha Williams) and the Lexington Park Business Association (St. Mary’s Community Development Corp. Director – Taylor Smith). The St. Mary’s County Government Commissioners presented a proclamation and the Maryland Department of Commerce presented a Secretary’s Commendation – both in recognition of 40 years of service in St. Mary’s County, Maryland.

Thank you JF Taylor for all of your contributions to local economic growth and quality of life, and for your continued job creation and support of the entire St. Mary’s County community!

Three generations of Taylors pictured: Jenna Boothe, Kelsey Patterson, John Taylor, Jr., John Taylor, Sr., Helen Taylor, Wayne Taylor

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