Debbie Holladay talks about helping others in the business world

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — A local woman has pioneered financial literacy among Brazos Valley residents while empowering women in the business community.

Debbie Holladay is CEO of Holladay & Associates, Inc. and Vice President of the Bryan College Station chapter of the American Businesswomen’s Association (ABWA) and has seen many ups and downs in the business world.

“Eight years ago we took a leap of faith and opened our shop and it’s been a wonderful climb from there,” said Holladay. “There were many learning curves, but there were also many other supportive women in the area who helped me on my journey.”

A deeply committed member of the ABWA BCS chapter, Holladay has seen firsthand how resources for women are transforming their ability to make a difference.

“It is women who help women succeed. ABWA’s mission is to bring together businesswomen of diverse professions, to provide them with opportunities to help themselves and help others to grow personally and professionally through leadership, education, networking, support and national recognition,” explained Holladay. “And that mission statement is over 75 years old and hasn’t changed and it’s still about the passion,” explained Holladay.

As gender norms evolve, Holladay wants women to stay focused on their ambitions.

“We don’t compete with the woman next to you, we work side by side to make our community better, make ourselves better and take care of our families,” Holladay said. “It’s not about the gentleman who has the well-paying job now, we see women betting with their gentleman friends now, but the part is we want every woman to be the best woman she can be , whichever category she chooses, and that’s important.”

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