Diablo 4 players (basically) Solos World Boss Ashava

Facing world bosses alone in Diablo 4 is too dangerous, but not for Wudjio. The Twitch streamer and YouTuber managed to solo Ashava in Hardcore mode – not just once, but twice.

The content creator shared footage from his livestream last night in which he unintentionally encountered Ashava with no allies by his side, even though it takes her up to 12 players to defeat her. Her rogue build was armed to the teeth with a crossbow that deals 457 damage per second; Energy builders Heartseeker and Rapid Fire – both of which power Critical Strike – and the Shadow Imbuement, Poison Imbuement, Dark Shroud and Dash abilities. All of these elements were key to Wudjio’s win over Ashava.

Players have 15 minutes to defeat Ashava each time she appears. However, Wudjio managed to solo her twice because they saved so much time after defeating her the first time.

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A sneaky help

According to a post on Icy Veins, Wudjio didn’t necessarily solo Ashava 100% in either run, as they each had a little help from a Necromancer – once when the boss had less than 2% left on his life bar, and the one other times to fire 1 or 2 abilities before starting. Meanwhile, Ashava was circling in the dirt trying to outplay Wudjio like she was doing with most other players.

Ashava was the first world boss introduced by Blizzard when the Diablo 4 beta went live two weeks ago. She spawns on a set schedule, but she won’t spawn again until the full game comes out.

Diablo 4 will be released on June 6, 2023.

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