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Much has been written about Drew Barrymore’s so-called “wild child” days, but the now-adult actress and talk show host of the same name confessed to ABC Audio that she had a habit back then that not many were aware of: bingo.

“When I was a teenager, I used to play with all my friends. We used to go to this senior center in West Hollywood,” she recalls with a smile.

“And it was a whole crew of us, and it was sort of a total party for us. And we were there around 8, 9 [p.m] And we all had our pads, and we brought our basket of pads – probably not called that – but they’re like these giant ink stamps in the shape of a bottle pen. So yeah, I’m not a bingo newbie,” she adds, laughing.

“We’d like to play bingo and then party all night,” says Drew.

As a busy mother of two, Drew can now relive her teenage nights — at least the earlier parts — with the mobile game Bingo Blitz, which she feels reflects a common theme across the products she endorses: it’s free. “I am Pluto [TV] girl, and I’m the Bingo Blitz girl,” she says proudly.

She adds: “I promoted Time Magazine for taking down their paywall. I hope people will follow this example. And this is an era where we need to find a way to monetize things in a different way and not charge people for it. How?” We all do things together in a way that doesn’t charge us and that gives us information or gives us entertainment or gives us games?”

She adds, “These are things that actually mean a lot to me, and I want to be a part of it.”

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