Entrepreneurs in Action & Morgan Stanley Investment Management Partners offer mentoring programs for black students

The online mentoring program supports black students to achieve their career goals in the investment management industry.

LONDON, UK, Sept. 1, 2022 / — Entrepreneurs in Action (EiA), a global Gen Z insights agency, is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Morgan Stanley Investment Management (MSIM). to develop a national online mentoring program for black undergraduate and graduate students to help them achieve their career goals in the investment management industry.

A trusted partner for global brands, Entrepreneurs in Action is known for its ability to deliver national and international projects that bring new insights to young people. The agency helps leaders listen to diverse voices, discover new solutions and influence strategy, and leverages innovative approaches that enable Gen Z to contribute their insights and ideas and create solutions to the challenges companies and industries face .

“While it’s gratifying to see how far we’ve come, much progress still needs to be made to ensure industries like investment banking become truly diverse and inclusive. It is inspiring to see young Black Gen Z being offered and taking up these life-changing opportunities,” said Derek Browne, CEO and Founder of Entrepreneurs in Action and former international athlete and private banker.

The new initiative, specifically designed to help black undergraduate and postgraduate students break into the highly competitive investment management industry, launched in July and consists of a five-day online program involving 24 students from across the UK and internationally. Graduates have already participated in an online Classroom to Boardroom program, in which participants presented their insights into how the wealth management industry could better attract black talent. Following the program, participants are now mentored by senior Morgan Stanley executives when applying for positions at the company.

Ruairi O’Healai, COO of MSIM EMEA, Morgan Stanley, comments: “We are committed to continuing to build a platform where underrepresented communities are given the tools to expand their knowledge and understanding of financial services with the aim of: to develop meaningful, exciting and long-term -term careers.

“The value of having a mentor, someone within the industry who you can discuss career goals with and in turn receive feedback, guidance and support, cannot be overstated and I am proud that MSIM is working with EIA, and I am happy to see the development of the candidates .”

With a mission to help participants build their knowledge, skills and confidence to better prepare them for a career in investment management, the program also helps candidates build a network with like-minded fellow students across universities. It also offers candidates the opportunity to secure a six to 12 month mentorship with an expert from Morgan Stanley’s Investment Management department.

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About Entrepreneurs in Action

Founded in 2003, Entrepreneurs in Action is a Global Gen Z Insights Agency, a trusted partner for global brands, delivering national and international projects that bring new insights to young people. Founder Derek Browne is an award-winning entrepreneur and has extensive experience working closely with executives and other entrepreneurs to help them achieve their goals. As CEO of Entrepreneurs in Action, he connects CEOs and business leaders with Gen Z talent, unlocks insights that challenge and transform their assumptions, and helps them partner more closely to drive their business forward.

EiA runs programs all over the world. Both Derek and the organization have received numerous awards and accolades.

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