Entrepreneurship Business Summit at the RGU

ITANAGAR The Center for Entrepreneurship, RGU, and the Department of Management, RGU, in cooperation with the Arunachal Pradesh Innovation and Investment Park (APIIP), organized a one-day Entrepreneurship Business Summit on Wednesday, August 31, 2022. The Summit was moderated by Prof. Saket Kushwaha, Vice Chancellor, RGU, Prof. Amitava Mitra, Pro-Vice Chancellor, RGU, Dr. NT Rikam, Registrar, RGU, Mr. Santanu Sen, Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC), and Mr. Sadique Mannan, Innovation Park, IIM Kolkata.

At the beginning, Mr. Gautam Huidrom, the coordinator of the summit, welcomed the assembly and thanked everyone for their attendance. The opening speeches were followed by the congratulations of the esteemed guests by Prof. Ranjit Tamuli, Dr. Odang Mara and Dr. Sankar Thappa.

dr Thappa, head of the management department, delivered his speech, emphasizing the importance and purpose of the summit. dr Rikam stressed the importance of combining entrepreneurship with understanding business fundamentals to improve career opportunities for Arunachali youth in the coming days. He spoke about the MoU to be signed between APIIP and the university. He pushed for a living outcome of the MoU that could benefit institutions and society alike.

Prof. Mitra congratulated the department on holding the event. He stressed that innovation and entrepreneurship could be the key to the country’s overall development in the coming period. He remembered the 1990s as the decade of industrialization in Arunachal Pradesh. He described that in the absence of the mutual insurance mechanism that existed in the state years ago, it was inevitable that the youth would now explore risk-taking and self-employment rather than attempt conventional earning avenues.

Prof. Kushwaha expressed his satisfaction with the smooth running of the summit and wished for more such events at regular intervals in the department. He updated the gathering on the importance of Innovation Parks as a source of industry interaction and as a credible venue for acquiring novel business ideas and entrepreneurial ventures.

The Vice-Chancellor provided good business examples to help the audience understand the value of merging business skills and academic credentials. Finally, he guided the participants to create synergies between academia and industry for the overall development of the region in general and the nation in particular.


The opening ceremony culminated in the acceptance speech by Mr. Arindam Chakrabarty, Assistant Professor, Department of Management.

The Acknowledgments were followed by the Technical Sessions moderated by Mr. Santanu Sen, PWC, and Mr. Sadique Mannan, Innovation Park, IIM Calcutta, where they provided input on various APIIP initiatives and achievements in the state.

The participants and scholarship holders of the MBA program benefited from their considerations. The MoU was also signed between RGU and IIM Calcutta Innovation Park for mutual collaboration to promote and realize entrepreneurial opportunities in the region.

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