Ericsson, Nokia will leave Russia this year

Ericsson and Nokia are reportedly planning to close their respective operations in Russia in 2022, having earlier taken steps to halt operations there following the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

A spokesman for Ericsson confirmed the move, stating that the seller “will phase out business activities in Russia while we meet our customer commitments over the coming months.”

The spokesman added: “Ericsson currently has 400 employees in Russia and we are fully committed to providing financial and well-being support to all affected employees. Many of our employees were already on paid vacation.”

In April 2022, the Swedish supplier announced the permanent cessation of business operations in Russia. Back then, Nokia went a step further and announced that it would leave the country entirely.

This was announced by the Finnish provider Reuters that it plans to close most of its stores in the country this year. According to the news agency, a spokesman said it would “maintain a formal presence in the country until the legal shutdown is complete.”

Russian daily Kommersant noted that Huawei remains the only one of the Big Three cellular network equipment vendors that has not announced its withdrawal from Russia.

The news site also pointed out that state-owned supplier Rostec plans to produce domestic telecom equipment to support mobile operators that previously relied on western suppliers.

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