Eternal Ice: We’re celebrating our 30th anniversary and releasing the second book

Linda Thomas is not letting up as she celebrates her 30th anniversary at Eternal Ice Enterprises, a healing center and place to buy stones that she credits with a beneficial energy. In fact, she’s keeping herself even more busy as she finds new ways to spread the word about her belief in healing stones.

She has just published a second book on the subject and will soon publish a Spanish language version of her first book, Crystals and Dragons: A Journey of Discovery.

“There’s a lot more information that needs to be released,” she said, noting that she has plans for three more books. “The energy is changing and getting stronger, so the energy that we’re working with in healing is also getting stronger. And we find new stones that are very powerful in their energy, so we also spread the information about these stones here.”

Thomas will be signing copies of the new book, Crystals and Dragons: The Venture Continues: Lessons and Revelations, at her open house on June 3rd from 12pm to 5pm at the Eternal Ice Healing Center at 849 Lane 11 ½. There will be refreshments and there will be raffles for the new book. Her books can be purchased from Eternal Ice and, which also has Kindle versions.

Thoma said that while the first book was more of a teaching and informational volume, the second was about life lessons. She added that most of the stones in the new book are different from those in the first.

“This is actually about lessons we learn throughout our lives,” she said. “It describes in detail the lessons I have learned over the past 30 years on how to engage people with the energy of the stones. It’s personal, but it’s not. A lot of people are dealing with the current events, things are actually changing energetically and people need help coping with some things.”

She has been there to assist in the field of crystal healing since 1988 when she received her certification as a healer.

“It’s an alternative to regular medicine, it’s holistic, so now people have a choice,” she said. “You can deal with things emotionally or take the drugs route.”

Thomas said she understands that many people don’t accept her alternative medicine, but she’s ok with that, saying people have become a lot more understanding than in the past. Early on, she said she owned a bookstore downtown, which had faced protests over some beliefs and the idea that believing in the power of stones went against Christianity. She’s pushed back, she said, and recently, as a member of the Shoshone Rock Club, gave a talk on the powerful 12 stones associated with the 12 tribes of Israel in the Bible’s Old Testament.

She remains enthusiastic about offering information and stones to people interested in her holistic treatments. She said she tries to have as many of the stones she mentions in her books in her store so that people could buy them at “reasonable prices,” particularly stones from other continents that people can’t easily find at Hiking in the mountains could take with you.

“I love what I do and I love helping people,” she said. “If I can point out things they could learn, they could.”


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