Everything we know so far about Yellowjacket cannibalism

“Yellowjackets” has been broadcasting where the characters’ journeys are going since the very first episode. Viewers first encounter the titular Yellowjackets team after their plane crashes in the woods, forcing them to resort to cannibalism. And not just any cannibalism: it’s a sort of ritualized event that they participate in, complete with costumes and masks and the antler queen (whom we later learn is Lottie). The very first moments of the series show a girl being chased through the forest. She falls into a pit, trapped, and the survivors eat her.

With season two finally here, fans are still wondering who the girl in the pit is and who is the first survivor to be eaten. Amid all of this, the show’s cast and crew have stressed that cannibalism isn’t the only mess that will happen on the show. “If we do our jobs right, eating a person won’t be the most trespassable thing these young women do in the wilderness. That’s just the tip of the iceberg,” Yellowjackets co-showrunner Jonathan Lisco told Entertainment Weekly on March 2.

“We are the trauma timeline,” Jasmine Savoy Brown, who plays Teen Taissa, told EW of the scenes in which the characters were filmed in 1996 – when the cannibalism will take place. “It just keeps getting worse. I don’t know where we’re going to be by season five.”

As season two begins, the girls (plus Travis, Coach Ben, and Javi if he’s still alive out there) face a winter-induced hunger crisis that will push them to the brink of survival. While we don’t know much about the cannibalism that is taking place, we do know that the Yellowjackets will not eat Shauna’s baby.

Here’s what we know so far about Yellowjacket cannibalism.

Have the Yellowjackets eaten anyone yet?

In the second season premiere, the Yellowjackets must resort to cannibalism to survive. However, Shauna puts Jackie’s ear in her mouth after it fell off and appears to have eaten it, which could make her the first cannibal.

What did the adult Yellowjackets say about cannibalism?

In the present timeline, Misty, Taissa, Nat, and Shauna have not specifically discussed cannibalism. However, when Shauna kills Adam and asks the other girls to help her cover it up, Misty orders her to cut his body into pieces. Shauna and her friends can’t help but joke that this isn’t the first time she’s done this, seemingly a dark joke about her history of cannibalism.

Who is the girl in the pit?

We still don’t know the identity of the girl in the pit in the first episode. Based on who’s around today, it seems the most likely that character will be one of the non-main Yellowjackets: Crystal, Mari, Gen, and Melissa, all of whom have long black hair. The pit girl wears Jackie’s necklace, but it’s not clear how she got it.

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