FEMA reimburses $71 million for COVID-19 expenses in Ohio

Ohio Department of Health Receives $71 Million in Mahoning Matters Federal Funding

Just over $71 million in funding is now available for the Ohio Department of Health to help the department recover from emergency expenses related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The costs were delegated to the state health department by FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, alongside the Ohio Emergency Management Agency using emergency management funds and the March 31, 2020 Federal Disaster Declaration.

What Does FEMA’s Public Assistance Program Do?

“FEMA’s Public Assistance Program is an important resource for state and local governments, jurisdictions, and certain private nonprofit organizations to cover eligible COVID-19-related expenses,” said Tom Sivak, Regional Administrator. from FEMA Region 5. “The state’s actions have protected the health of Ohio residents and helped reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus.”

This is to cover the costs of delivering personal protective equipment and testing supplies to each county.

“We were thrilled to help the Ohio Department of Health provide some of the essential pandemic-related services for the people of Ohio, and we are thrilled to join FEMA in announcing this funding for reimbursement,” said Sima Merick, executive director of the Ohio EMA.

Where is the funding going?

The funding will reimburse money the health department has spent on disseminating needed information about COVID-19 quarantine and vaccines and a designated COVID-19 call center.

For more information, visit FEMA’s Public Assistance Program.

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