Firefighter injured in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula blaze

DELTA COUNTY, MI – A firefighter was injured at the scene of a fire where an RV, sitting inside a garage, caught fire.

The firefighter, who has not been identified, suffered minor injuries related to the blaze on Saturday March 18, Escanaba police said.

Authorities did not specify the extent of the firefighter’s injuries or his current condition.

Police responded to a 12:49 p.m. report of a structural fire at a home at 3701 18th Road. Police said an RV was on fire inside the garage.

When the police arrived on the scene, thick smoke billowed from the garage. Officers entered through the front doors and quickly extinguished the fire.

Ventilation was needed to evacuate the thick smoke. Police later learned that the motorhome had been left running in the garage for about an hour and a large wood-burning stove was being used to burn the rubbish.

There were plastic barrels full of trash and cardboard along the woodstove and near the RV exhaust.

Police believe the barrels of garbage were the heat sources that ignited the garbage and started the fire.

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