Fortnite VR? Leaker discovers “Oculus” code in latest update and claims it’s for Quest 2

A new “Fortnite” leak is popping up online and talking about VR support for the famous battle royale game, coming from a code from the game’s latest update that brings its newest features. The leaker claimed that the “Fortnite” VR saw references to “Oculus,” which was the previous name of Meta’s virtual reality company before its recent change.

‘Fortnite VR’ leaks are from the ‘Oculus’ code from the last update

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According to that latest tweet by well-known “Fortnite” leaker HYPEX, the latest “Fortnite” update, released on August 30th, hinted at an impending push of battle royale into VR games. The leaker said codes related to “Oculus” appeared on its codes and may be in preparation for the game’s upcoming virtual reality experience.

This leak means gamers can experience “Fortnite” through their VR goggles and still play it through console or PC controls. There are tremendous possibilities that this transition to VR would open up, especially given previous speculation about playing “Fortnite” in virtual reality is an experience fans asked in the past.

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“Fortnite” to be played on Meta’s Oculus Quest 2?

HYPEX said it could be available in the Meta Quest 2 device, with “Fortnite” soon offering “proper VR support” for the title. Still, there is no information or comment from Epic Games on this unique digital experience that the leaker has claimed, with the news likely remaining as speculation for the game.

Quest 2 is one of the most famous VR devices at the moment, bringing various mixed reality experiences to the world.

‘Fortnite’s’ updates and VR

Epic Games and the “Fortnite” battle royale have no leaks yet to bring their experience to the world of virtual reality, but it’s high time for the company now as the VR industry is booming. However, last year there was news that as part of one of its projects, Epic Games is developing a metaverse and a virtual world and has already secured $ 1 billion for the new world.

Sony is one of the companies that has invested in Epic Games’ digital reality, with no current information on the metaverse or its development.

Still, it’s a highly regarded project by the company, especially as Epic Games’ “Fortnite” has proven to be a significant platform with Metaverse capabilities in the present day. Various online activities and concerts were held as part of the game, giving the public the opportunity to experience it remotely.

Still, the “Fortnite” experience doesn’t have the ability to see through VR lenses or headsets and control them with motion controllers, which are prominent among AR/VR devices. For now, this leak remains a piece of information that is still debatable, and no official confirmation is available for Epic’s “Fortnite” VR project.

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