Georgia Department of Agriculture Launches Agriculture Awareness Week 2023

Courtesy of Georgia Department of Agriculture

Commissioner Tyler Harper and the Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDA) are excited to kick off a week-long celebration of Georgia’s diverse agriculture with Georgia Agriculture Awareness Week taking place from the 20th-26th March.

“As we celebrate Agriculture Awareness Week, let’s remember that farming is more than just a job – it’s a way of life,” said Commissioner Tyler Harper. “From the gas pump to the grocery store and everywhere in between, agriculture and the Georgia Department of Agriculture impact all 11 million Georgians every day. Today we appreciate and celebrate the farmers and farm families of Georgia who work every day to produce the food, fiber and shelter we rely on. We can all play a part in ensuring the success of Georgia’s number one industry – agriculture, and I encourage everyone to join in the celebration.

The new one-week program will now include:

Monday March 20 – Hands-On Garden Day Tuesday March 21 – Lead the Way Tuesday Wednesday March 22 – Ag Hero Day Thursday March 23 – Ag Literacy Day Friday March 24 – Fork in the Road Friday Saturday March 25 – Buy Georgia Grown Day Sunday 26 March – Shop Local Day

For more information on Georgia Agriculture Awareness Week, please visit:

Georgia Department of Agriculture – AGWeek2023 (



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