Georgia Woman, 72, forced to flee home after finding snakes in furniture

An eastern ratsnake. Julio Tamayo/Getty Images A Georgian woman had to flee her rental home after discovering several snakes, even in her furniture. Mary Carswell told WMAZ-TV she’s found six snakes since 2021 in the rental she’s lived in for years. Carswell is worried about snakes laying eggs in her furniture, so she had to leave that behind too.

A Georgia woman has been forced out of her rental home after she said she found several snakes in the house, including in her sofa.

Mary Carswell said she spotted the first snake in 2021 and has seen five more since, she told WMAZ-TV.

“I didn’t know what genre it was. It was dark. It was nighttime. I’m coming out of the bathroom,” Carswell told the outlet. “I killed him. I beat him.”

Since then, she’s struggled to relax in the rental home she’s lived in for seven years, Carswell told WMAZ.

“You know, you don’t sleep for two or three nights, but then you get used to it again because you don’t see it,” she told the outlet. “I love this place. I’m not going to live with snakes.”

The snake problem started with a rat infestation, Carswell told WMAZ, adding that she asked her owner to call an exterminator, but according to her, he never did. The insider’s efforts to reach the owner were unsuccessful on Saturday.

“I can’t put fruit, I can’t put cookies – nothing,” she said. “There are a lot of rats.”

Carswell said his owner gave him rat pellets and glue traps, according to WMAZ. The dilapidated rental house began to sag in different areas, leaving voids in its floors and open doors to the outside, Carswell told the outlet.

“I live in a motel paying money every night,” Carswell told WMAZ. “If he had listened and done what I asked of him, I don’t think they would have come in. No one should have to live like this.”

In a comment to Insider, Carswell said his landlord hadn’t changed his response to his snake situation, only reaching out to him for rent. WMAZ was able to contact the owner, who declined to comment on the situation.

Carswell’s daughter, Demetriss Strange, wrote in a GoFundMe that her mother had to leave her furniture at home because there were snakes on the sofa and she feared they had laid eggs. Strange told WMAZ that Carswell suffered from health issues such as “open heart surgeries, leukemia” and also didn’t need to deal with an infestation.

“We don’t want any more problems,” Strange told WMAZ.

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