Here are the best bridesmaid beauty lessons to learn from Bollywood stars

Wedding season is here and we’re ready to nail our look. While we may have nailed our fashion choices, it’s best to start preparing our beauty looks as well! When dressing up as a bridesmaid, it’s best to choose a look that complements your entire outfit and best makes a statement! Well, who better to inspire you than Bollywood celebrities? And to get you started, we’ve got you covered with the best beauty lessons you need to bookmark this season ASAP!

Bridesmaid Beauty Lessons You Can Learn from Bollywood Celebrities

1. Go minimal

“Less is more” is the trend and when it comes to wedding celebrations you definitely want to keep it minimal but attractive. When dressing up as a bridesmaid, make sure to go for a minimal glamor look with neutral highlight tones, as this will accentuate all of your makeup. Add a good amount of blush to brighten it up, and for lipstick, make sure it stays in contrast with your outfit and makeup to balance it out.

2. Don’t go overboard

When it comes to keeping the rope in check, it’s best to make sure everything stays in balance. Don’t overdo it with the glam. Also, when it comes to your eyes, choose very subtle but complementary shades that go well with your outfit. If you go for light shades, keep your eye makeup very neutral and instead use mascara big to add some volume and drama.

3. Match your hairstyle to your makeup

It’s always best to coordinate your hair with your makeup for an overall balanced look. If you opt for coral or slightly light make-up, it is best to go for smooth hairstyles. Always opt for center-parted soft curls to complement them with a bright makeup look. It will help balance the look.

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