High-speed broadband internet with blockchain brings billions into crypto

One of the biggest problems many tech companies have faced over the past few decades is bringing the majority of Africa’s population into the global economy. As high-speed internet becomes faster and more affordable in many places around the world, Africa’s infrastructure remains mostly untouched, particularly in more remote parts of sub-Saharan Africa.

Unfortunately, only 22% of the continent has access to high-speed internet, a number that largely represents urban areas. Cell towers are incredibly outdated as 91% of cell phone users rely on 2G or 3G networks. A blockchain startup is working to change that.

Why does Africa need 3air?

3air, a blockchain-based startup bridging the gap between Africa’s connectivity woes and the huge potential for cryptocurrencies across the continent, will bring high-speed broadband internet access and decentralized finance to Africa’s major cities in the years to come. The company plans to use wireless mesh technology and NFT subscriptions to connect over 300 million new users to the Internet and Web3.

With these products, 3air hopes to empower sub-Saharan Africans by connecting them to the global economy. Hardware is an essential part of Internet connection service. 3air will use K3 Last Mile technology to provide up to GBP 1/s dedicated internet connection within a 50km radius of a base station. These stations can be built almost anywhere; They were deployed in nine countries on three continents.

How can NFTs be part of the financial solution?

Through its broadband access, 3air will offer many other services including banking services, microcredit and cryptocurrency wallets. 3air offers purchasable NFTs that provide Internet access on a subscription basis. Unlike traditional connectivity contracts, NFTs do not impose a time commitment on users. Customers can instead resell their tokens to others on a decentralized market. NFT subscriptions do not require a bank account or home address, so restrictions are no longer an issue.

How to Use Cash to Crypto Options?

In this model, subscription transfer also becomes an option; If a user moves, they can transfer the service to another resident instead of canceling the service and re-hiring. Additionally, once users are onboarded into Web3 through this service, 3air will provide on-premises learning services for onboard users faster and with cash-to-crypto options that do not require checking account onboarding.

Web3 is a complicated concept that anyone can learn and the company believes that providing these services will connect Africans to the global economy faster. 3air will educate new users on blockchain-related topics such as: B. How to open and use a new cryptocurrency wallet, how to use the new Web3 Internet and other complex topics that may be difficult to learn on your own.

What advantages does 3air offer?

With the internet service and blockchain provided by 3air, 3air will offer additional services on top of the internet connection. Banking is complex for those who do not have physical access to a bank far and wide in sub-Saharan Africa. Through 3air’s blockchain, users can store currencies, use currencies as payment, and use other services offered by banks, such as loans, savings and checking accounts.

The 3air marketplace is already open to the public, collaborating with African artists and creators to bring them exposure to the world. By providing internet services, 3air will later be able to offer many other services such as banking, microcredit and Web3 teaching services. African talent and companies should be able to scale much faster than without this connectivity. With a full blockchain, proven hardware, and a steady roadmap, African users should expect these general services to be available by 2023.

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