How to unlock the world map

How to unlock the world map in tower of fantasy?

Tower of Fantasy is a fast-paced action-adventure role-playing game set in a wide-open world. The newly released title has similar ‘Genshin Impact‘ vibes and was hugely popular upon its release.

The open-world nature of the game means there’s plenty to explore. Players can travel across the vast landscape in vehicles like this one Monocross mountor they can just teleport – assuming they’ve already explored that area.

With such a vast area to cover, players surely need a map so they know where they are going on their travels.

So this ultimately begs the question – how to unlock the world map in Tower of Fantasy? Find out everything you need to know below.

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How to unlock the full map in Tower of Fantasy

Complete map in Tower of Fantasy

In every district in Tower of Fantasy there will be a so-called omnium tower somewhere in that region.

In order to get rid of the blurry map for that region, you need to go to these towers and climb up – which will reveal the entire map for that particular area.

But how do you know where these towers are located? It’s easy.

To find out the location of these towers, open your map and select the location you want to reveal. You can find the Tower’s location by looking for the Omnium Tower icon, which depicts a crescent moon with a circle inside.

Then just go there and climb up – that should reveal this entire area to you!

What is revealed after climbing the Omnium Towers?

You might be wondering – why reveal the entire map when you can already see things like the area itself and the omnium towers in the region? Well, it offers a lot more smaller details in the area that can be incredibly useful for hikers.

The Omnium Towers reveal the area’s strongholds, ruins and most importantly the world bosses, making it much easier to complete various missions and tasks to obtain new things in Tower of Fantasy.

In short, it’s essential that you do this if you want to get the full experience within the open world title.

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