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EUGENE — The results of the Southern Oregon University beach volleyball team’s duel against Corban and Bushnell mirrored the results of a week ago when the top-ranked Warriors won 5-0 and the Beacons 4-1 on Saturday at Churchill Sand volleyball courts.

Once again, pair No. 2 Taylor Jackson and Karina Oliveira were responsible for SOU’s win. They defeated Bushnell’s Roslyn McLellan and Madi Trueblood 21-12 and 21-16, improving to 5-4 that season.

As a team, the Raiders went 3-7. Corban stands at 14-2 and Bushnell at 6-8.

“Our game is progressing but we are excellent partners and teammates and we enjoy playing,” said SOU coach Paul Elliott.

The Raiders play Northwest, Wash., and Corban next Saturday in Salem, their final bouts before the NAIA West group qualifiers April 6-8 in Chula Vista, Calif.


1. Avari Ridgeway/Megan Dennis, CRB, def. Madi Gray/Skyy Nihipali-Botelho, 2-0 (21:13, 21:19)

2. Kianna Keeling/Cameron Keeling, CRB, def. Taylor Jackson-Karina Oliveira, 2-0 (21-8, 21-16)

3.Jessica McMillian/Ally Schmidt, CRB, def. Addison Weckerle/Savannah Schwindt, 2-0 (21:15, 21:13)

4. Maya Blake/Kealani Ontai, CRB, def. Kayla Neidigh-Simone Gordon, 2-0 (21:13, 21:13)

5. Jolinn Daviscourt/Kalisi Latu, CRB. def. Kiya Jackson-AC Reyes, 2-0 (21-6, 21-7)

Goal order: 4-2-3-5-1


1. Makenna Northern/Logan Kaneshiro, BU, def. Madi Gray/Skyy Nihipali-Botelho, 2-0 (21-12, 21-7)

2.Taylor Jackson/Karina Oliveira, SOU, def. Roslyn McLellan-Madi Trueblood, 2-0 (21:12, 21:16)

3. Brooke Silvernail/Jadeya Hayes, BU, def. Addison Weckerle/Savannah Schwindt, 2-1 (18:21, 21:16, 15:11)

4. Laci Jespersen/Halle Neumann, BU, def. Kayla Neideigh-Simone Gordon, 2-0 (21:15, 21:13)

5. Abby Nelson/Anessa Stotts, BU, def. Kiya Jackson-AC Reyes, 2-0 (21:10, 21:15)

Goal order: 2-4-5-1-3


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