Janhvi Kapoor to Vidya Balan, celebrities reenact Anupamaa’s ‘Aapko Kya’ dialogue leaving everyone in splits


Dialogue from one of the most popular shows in recent weeks Anupamaa is making noise on social media, and for all the right reasons. As we know, Anupamaa became a household name a few weeks after launching on the small screen. It is currently being touted as one of India’s top-grossing TV soaps according to TRP ratings.

But this time it’s not the show, but dialogue provided by protagonist Rupali Ganguly goes viral and we love the creativity displayed by the people. Not only in India but also people all over the world are making videos and small clips while reacting to it Anupamaas Dialog.

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Aired on TV last year, ”Apko KyaThe dialogue resurfaced after a meme shared by Delhi police. The clip begins with the lead Rupali saying on the show: “Main ghumu phiru nachu gau hasu khelu bahar jau akeli jau kisi aur ke saath jau jaha jau jab jau jaise bhi jau, aapko kya.” However, to send a signal, Delhi Police issued a warning at the end of the meme: “Kahin bhi jao ben, bas mask pehen kar jai.‘ (You can go where you want but make sure you wear a mask).

Check out OG Anupamaa’s video:

Uorfi Javed

Many tinsel town celebrities have also taken the spotlight with their take on this viral dialogue. It all started with social media sensation Urfi Javed (aka Uorfi Javed) taking to Instagram and leaving netizens gasping with her fashion game. Along with the video, the star also clapped back to being trolled for often going to the airport.

Janvi Kapoor

Then the Bollywood actress Janhvi Kapoor is not only known for her glamorous pictures, but also makes headlines with her silly posts on the internet. This time she’s reunited with her Aksa gang for a hilarious video about the popular daily soap opera Anupamaas Dialog.

Vidja Balan

Earlier this morning diva Vidya Balan also re-enacted Rupali Ganguly’s dialogue in a bathtub and fans can’t get enough of it.

Charu Aspora

TV actress Charu Aspora grabbed her grip and did her version with her little girl as they went for an evening stroll.

With all these videos going viral across the internet and our entertainment industry celebrities in love with this dialogue, it seems like the “Aapko Kya” trend is here to stay and kill!

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