Katie Abrahamson-Henderson, on reloading Georgia program, Iowa staff and Gabbie Marshall’s eyes

IOWA CITY – “Hello, everyone!”

It was Katie Abrahamson-Henderson — a Cedar Rapids native and Georgia women’s basketball coach — walking to the podium for Saturday’s press conference, a day before the Bulldogs face Iowa in a battle of NCAA second round.

It was almost 2:30 in the afternoon, but it was morning somewhere.

If a team is like its coach, Georgia will not be tense on Sunday.

Part of Abrahamson-Henderson’s time on stage was open-mic humor. It was all fascinating.


Q. How much would it mean for you to rebuild this program, well, not really rebuild, but reload this program…

Coach Abe: “Reload.”

Q. Yes, reload. So how much would it mean to be able to secure a spot in the Sweet 16 in year one?

Coach Abe: “I mean, I should get a HUGE INCREASE, everyone. I’m joking. I’m kidding.”

Q. Caitlin (Clark) is definitely the catalyst, but what else about Iowa’s offense makes them so dangerous to keep?

Coach Abe: “I wish I had their names in front of me… She’s phenomenal. (No.) 25 — what’s her first name? Monika (Czinano), she’s good. I love her. And (assistant coach) Jan (Jensen), she probably doesn’t get much credit for that. She’s the reason these post players are so good. I think she’s phenomenal.

“Obviously the cute one with the eyes, who is that?”

Moderator: They all have eyes.

Coach Abe: “Cute eyes, pretty eyes – you see, women know that. (Gabbie Marshall is) a very good and fair defender – I would consider her in addition to Caitlin as a sniper. She can take down strokes.

“Then everyone plays their part really, really, really well. Really good.”

Q: Your thoughts on (Iowa) Hannah (Stuelke, like Abrahamson-Henderson, a Cedar Rapids Washington alum)?

Coach Abe: “Yeah, I don’t know if Hannah even knows I went to school in Wash. I was coached by a really good coach in Paul James. And Paul called me, he coached me said, ‘I’m sorry I’m not here. I’m in Florida.’

“I’m like, ‘You suck. Are you in Florida right now? (Laughs)

“I mean, I don’t know the stats (of Stuelke) and everything in Washington. You would have to tell me but I love it. We would have had a lot of great players coming out of Cedar Rapids. So this program really breeds great players.

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