Landslide damages Vista mobile homes, evacuates residents – NBC 7 San Diego

A landslide in Vista has displaced several people from their homes. The landslide started Thursday morning after a storm and now construction crews are working to keep the landslide from getting worse.

At least seven homes have been red flagged at Green Valley Mobile Home Park. This means that the houses cannot be entered or inhabited. Initially, 12 homes were evacuated, but some residents were allowed to return.

On Saturday morning, workers with heavy equipment tried to shore up the slope, which began to slide after a hole in the ground opened up. As the crews work on the rain-soaked hill, the RV park neighbors below try to figure out what’s next.

“Words cannot explain it. It’s incomprehensible. I’m amazed,” said Denise Dougi, a Vista resident.

Dougi was evacuated early Thursday morning and said the damage has gotten worse since then.

“Part of the mound is now at the back of my mobile home and this moves the mobile home off its foundation,” Dougi said.

Large concrete slabs were pushed up the slide. Several mobile homes show visible damage.

Dougi is staying with her family for now, but she doesn’t know what’s going to happen to her house or where to go for help.

“I’m ground zero, but there are a lot of good people affected by it. It’s not our fault,” Dougi said.

Across the street, Rich Cruse is back home after being evacuated. There were concerns that Dougi’s house could slip into his.

“I was evacuated for a day. And the power and water were shut off and returned last night,” Cruse said.

Cruse had to pay for a hotel when he was evacuated. He also had to find a place for his beloved cat, Mr. Tibbs. Cruse is particularly concerned for his neighbors, who are elderly and have health issues. Cruse’s own future is fraught with uncertainty.

“I might want to sell my house. I think that will be difficult in the near future. Who’s moving to the other side of the street right now?” said Kruse.

The damage will probably not be repaired any time soon. For now, neighbors will continue to lean on each other as they try to deal with the aftermath of this devastating landslide.

Residents at Green Valley Mobile Home Park own their home but rent the space. Neighbors said they had contacted the property management company responsible for the RV park to see if they could get financial help for housing or rent reduction.

The company has helped provide bottled water, but no word yet on a potential break in rent. NBC 7 has also gotten in touch, but we haven’t heard anything as of this writing.


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