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Extension of the McNay Art Museum, Architect Jean Paul Viguier, San Antonio, Texas

McNay Art Museum

A cultural hub in San Antonio since it opened in 1929, the McNay Art Museum has continued to develop and thrive into one of the top art museums in the country. As a testament to its excellence, the McNay Museum was voted the best art gallery in San Antonio.

However, the McNay Museum is more than just a collection of art galleries – it is a community full of talented, caring, awe-inspiring and sensitive individuals who forge connections as every detail is chosen with great care. The team’s collective pride is evident in their commitment to making every visitor feel welcome and have a sense of belonging.

The McNay Museum’s commitment to providing inclusive art experiences for all was recognized by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation’s Art Museum Futures Fund, which awarded the museum a grant in 2021. The scholarship is a testament to the McNay team’s progress in a continuing vision of being San Antonio’s place of belonging. The museum strives to continue taking steps to ensure the campus is accessible to everyone.

As the McNay Museum looks to the future, it has renewed its commitment to the city of San Antonio and bringing art to the community. As the McNay continues to nurture a love of art, the museum continues to create even more incredible outdoor art experiences that celebrate the unique intersection of fine art, nature and the larger community of San Antonio. The McNay Art Museum’s commitment to creating a welcoming and inclusive space for all makes it this year’s top winner.


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