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Médecins Sans Frontières is an international, independent medical and humanitarian organization that provides care to populations in need, people affected by natural or man-made disasters and victims of armed conflict without discrimination and regardless of their race, religion, belief or political affiliation (MSF Charter). The MSF movement consists of 5 operational centers supported by 24 sections and offices worldwide. The French section is present in about thirty countries.

GIS at MSF has been developed as a service for MSF operations since 2013 and as of January 2021 is an intersectional center of excellence and service serving the entire movement. The core mission of GIS is to support informed decision-making through better spatial understanding, increase the focus of healthcare services on patients, and increase the impact and efficiency of MSF’s regular and emergency response. The GIS service team aims to provide an overarching operational support system that is reliable, agile, adapted to emergency contexts and needs, timely and efficient, thanks to a framework of dedicated tools and services.

The GIS Center is organized as a coordinated network composed of GIS specialists dedicated to the successful delivery of GIS products and services to MSF. The GIS Center works with a specific group of actors, grouped around a common goal but of different legal nature (internal vs. external Médecins Sans Frontières, NGO, academics, industry, providers, etc.) and their physical locations across multiple countries are distributed.

As part of a new MSF vacancy, a Mobile Implementing Officer (MiO) GIS for Security (H/F).

Each operations center has a dedicated GIS consultant (acting as the GIS focal point for the OC) who is a member of the GIS center. A position of Mobile Implementing Officer (MiO) will complement the GIS consultant for OCP.


  • As MIO GIS, you are the first point of contact for end users for the GeoApp: Security Context App – With MSF data (logbook) and the other security products in support of the GIS consultants.
  • They accompany the end-users in their requests, from the first contact and the expression of needs, to being responsible for the gathering and analysis of the requirements, to the communication and training support during the deployment, including cultural adjustments to integrate the tools in the good functioning of the mission .
  • They define the most appropriate solution within the GIS security portfolio or collect requirements for new potential products and services, thereby expanding the GIS solution portfolio. For standard products, continue with the implementation.
  • The MiO GIS for Security will interact extensively with mission leaders, project coordinators and other staff involved in analyzing the security context of a mission.
  • The MiO GIS for Security will work closely with the GIS consultant and the Security Focal Point (SFP) to define support needs, conduct support and implementation missions, and contribute to long-term reflection on new GIS products and services to both improve security analysis of the project and follow-up of the contexts in which MSF works.

You will travel to projects to 1) help identify needs, gather requirements, facilitate production of the tool and educate users in the security product field 2) assist the teams in identifying other potential GIS requirements that they may express and contact the GIS consultant. Between two missions you will work on side tasks, support the GIS consultant in his functions and/or on specific files (workshops, webinars, training courses, etc.).

Main interlocutor:

You will work under the supervision of the GIS consultant with close liaison to the SFP. You will become part of the GIS center and the Logistics department, which are affiliated with the Operative Logistics department.

Privileged interlocutors: SFP, Field Users, HoMs, PCs, LogCos, LogCell & Cell Managers + GIS Center Team (Product Leads, Service Leads, Data Managers, GeoApps Product Owners, Mapping Team, Business Analyst and LnD Team.)

In the field service you react functionally to the GIS consultant and hierarchically to the Country Logistics Coordinator.

Main Responsibilities:

Carry out site visits organized for the following main reasons:

  • Answering support requests from the field and/or cells.
  • Training of end users for special tools.

Prepare for the visit in collaboration with the SFP, the GIS consultant, key persons on site/cell, the technical team of the GIS center.

During the visits The tasks of the MiO include:

  • Contribution to the determination of the need for security products with a special focus on the Security Context App
  • collect requirements
  • implement e/o facilitate production (depending on the degree of complexity and standardization of the product)
  • Run a review of the data and clean it up if necessary
  • ensure an adapted organization around the tool
  • Organization of training courses (group and individual lessons)
  • Implement and manage the path of support of the focal point person designated by the mission for the tool
  • Verify users’ proper understanding and usage of the tool
  • Assist the team in identifying other GIS needs they may have and liaise with the GIS consultant to fulfill them
  • Write a visit report
  • Report user requests and encountered anomalies to the control panel

contribution to long-term considerations for new GIS and security products and services, and a dedicated OC-GIS and security strategy.

Contribute to education:

  • Contribute to the organization of distance learning sessions using different approaches (workshops, webinars, etc.).
  • Suggest improvements based on user feedback from field visits.
  • Participate in training courses as a facilitator.

Ensure the backup of the GIS consultant when absent:

  • GIS Center – OC-Link
  • briefings and debriefings

Track essential files between two field missions:

  • project(s) related to training; Project(s) related to the tools.

Profile :


  • University degree in social sciences (e.g. geography etc.) or in engineering.
  • A postgraduate degree or professional training in GIS or mapping-related fields is mandatory.


  • At least 3 years of experience in the GIS area
  • NGO field experience is mandatory, MSF field experience is an advantage.
  • Experience in a high security context is an advantage.
  • Experience in training and change management is an advantage.

Languages: B2 in English and French (oral and written) is compulsory. Arabic is an asset.

Skills/Technical Competences:

  • Mastery of ArcGIS software.
  • Good QGIS knowledge.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Coordination and information management skills.
  • Provision of technical support and advice.

Status and Conditions:

12-month full-time MIO contract. field post. Salary is based on the MSF grid and previous experience relevant to the position. Accommodation, travel and subsistence support for visits and stays at headquarters.

Workplace : 70% of the time in the MSF area of ​​operations, 30% in an MSF-F hub with trips to Paris

Position to be filled: from 15.10.2022

How to apply

Please send your application (letter of motivation & CV) online by September 18, 2022 to:

Please note that only selected candidates will be contacted.

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