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Most popular baby names in North Carolina 2022

Choosing a name for your baby can be an exciting experience and often involves considering a number of factors, including how often you want the name to be.

Whether you’re looking to give your child a name that will blend in or stand out, you can check birth records online using the Social Security Administration’s database to see how good the name you have in mind is. popular.

And the database now includes the most popular names from 2022, the most recent year available.

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Here are the most popular baby names in North Carolina and the United States and details on how to check the popularity of any other names:

Most Popular Baby Names in North Carolina

Olivia was the most popular girl’s name in North Carolina in 2022, according to Social Security Administration data, with 500 babies bearing the name. And it was also the most popular female name nationally.

Amelia, Charlotte, Ava and Emma round out the top five in North Carolina. There too, there was some overlap with the national top five, made up of Emma, ​​Charlotte, Amelia and Sophia.

On the boys side, Liam led the pack statewide and nationally. According to Social Security data, 644 babies were named Liam in North Carolina in 2022.

Noah, William, Oliver and James finished second through fifth in North Carolina, to Noah, Oliver, James and Elijah nationally.

There was little change from the previous year’s roster at the state and national levels.

Olivia was also the most popular female name in North Carolina and the United States in 2021, and Liam was also the most popular male name statewide and nationally last year.

For the 2022 list of the top 100 names for both genders in North Carolina, visit

How to see how popular your name or your baby’s name is

If you want to see how common your name was in the year you were born or check the trend of a name you have in mind for your own little one, you can get the information from the Social Security Administration.

You can search by year or by name at


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