Netflix Expands Its Growing Gaming Empire With New Studio

Netflix is ​​opening a brand new game development studio in Helsinki, Finland as the next step in its expansion into the video game industry.

Netflix has announced it is launching a new game development studio to expand its ever-growing gaming output.

Amir Rahimi, VP of Game Studios at Netflix, published a post on the company’s website explaining the rationale for the new project. He said the development is “another step” in Netflix’s journey to “build a world-class games studio that will bring a variety of delightful and profound original games to consumers worldwide.” The new studio will be operated in-house and managed by Marko Lastikka, previously General Manager at Electronic Arts and Zynga. It is Netflix’s second game development studio in the Finnish capital after acquiring Next Games, the producer of various games the Walking Dead Mobile games, earlier this year.

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The statement also reiterated the company’s commitment to offering mobile games free of ads and in-app purchases, two revenue streams that have been particularly prevalent in recent years. All games published by Netflix are included in its subscription plan, which means service users can download them at no additional cost.

Netflix entered the mobile gaming market a few years ago and doesn’t see the take on the medium as a new revenue stream, but rather as a way to add value to the company’s current subscription plans. It has released numerous titles based on its popularity stranger things series and original games like the well-preserved one Before your eyes, all playable on Android and iOS devices.

The company has also bought a growing number of game development studios over the past 12 months to boost its game production. In 2021, Netflix acquired Night School Studios, developers of the supernatural mystery Ox free, and brought the studio’s flagship game to the service in early September. A continuation, Oxenfree 2: Lost Signalswas due to release later this year, but Night School Studios recently pushed the game back to 2023, saying it needs more time to add and create localizations Ox free 2 “really special.”

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Netflix has also worked to include rights to video games and virtual reality products in its various deals with famous TV and film creators. In his 2021 contract with Shonda Rhimes, the creator of several hit TV shows like Grey’s anatomy, scandal and Bridgetonthe company expanded its partnership with Rhimes to include the ability to develop virtual reality and gaming projects based on their respective franchises. While no products have been announced in that media, Netflix claims game developers are supporting the company’s expansion into the gaming industry and would welcome the opportunity to “devote all their creative energies to simply great gameplay.”

Various mobile games are now available to Netflix subscribers via the Netflix app.

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