New Steam mobile app for QR-enabled login functionality

Valve Corporation is currently testing the revised version, which includes a QR function to enable faster logins.

It has been reported that the Steam mobile app, which aims to simplify the user experience in relation to the successful Valve Steam deck, is undergoing a massive transformation. The mobile application, which is seen as a close companion to the popular handheld gaming device, is currently being tailored. Valve Corporation is leaving no stone unturned to solve the series of Steam app issues that have been cropping up lately. Let’s dive deeper into the steam to unfold what’s in store.

Great success: The blockbuster That Is Steam Deck

Months after its worldwide release, Valve Corporation’s Steam Deck is highly rated in the gaming universe. The Washington-based video game company appears to be on cloud nine thanks to the dream run of the portable, lightweight gaming console. With the unique selling point of being “the first game console that really offers the real experience of PC games”, it has managed to lead the sales charts worldwide.

From popular gaming community platforms like Discord or Twitch to various social media channels, it can be found almost everywhere. Players are simply amazed by the unique abilities that the new Steam deck offers. They lavish praise on Valve Corporation for fulfilling their long-standing dream of having such a unique gaming gadget.

Valve's Steam mobile app

The Valve Steam mobile app, designed to simplify the user experience of the hit seller Valve Steam Deck, is undergoing a major transformation.

Of loopholes

While the Valve Steam Deck has emerged as the next-generation hit gaming console, it has faced difficulties due to a number of reported glitches from the Steam mobile app. Valve’s high hopes of breaking all previous sales records in gaming history have taken a major hit as widespread complaints are seen on various social media platforms.

Currently, the application is available on both iOS and Android stores. With over fifty million downloads and more than a million reviews on the App Store, it has an average rating of just 3.5. It goes without saying that it doesn’t live up to the world-class standards that the red-hot gaming machine has set so far.

The modus operandi of the Steam mobile app is – allowing users to chat with their Steam friends, update them with the latest Steam-related news and Steam sales, and enable fast Steam logins. But with the growing concerns and not-so-positive feedback on the Valve Steam app, it’s safe to say that it’s currently letting Valve Corporation down.

The ongoing revision

To restore parity, Valve has gone to great lengths to make the Steam mobile app experience absolutely hassle-free. Multiple reports and Valve’s official press release suggest that the best attempts are being made to address common issues such as outdated UI or overlapping text and images. Apart from these two, dissatisfaction has been reported about issues with chatting and notifications, video file playing, and image zooming.

The fact that the Steam mobile app received its last update in mid-2021 is not well received by users.

What to expect from the redesigned app?

While enjoying the top Steam deck games like Elden Ring in Steam deck windows, players can rest assured that they can log in with the QR code much faster than before. To the delight of the global gaming community, Valve has also promised smarter notifications, an improved Steam Library, better Steam Guard functionality, multi-account support, and regular updates. Valve recently opened the beta testing option of the new Steam mobile app to gamers and intends to use their valuable feedback to further improve the Valve Steam app.

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