NFL superstar Lamar Jackson is ushering in a massive VR shift by instantly cheering gaming fans up

Virtual reality has brought about the possibility of three-dimensional simulation. One can interact in an adapted environment with appropriate technical equipment. Up to now we have seen many games equipped with virtual reality technology. Surprisingly, players will have a virtually simulated NFL experience.


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American football is a competitive game played on the field. The sport is played by two teams and they compete for a higher score than the other. Moreover, this is achieved through the right tactics and strategic gameplay. Luckily, video gamers could just get a taste of the sport from the comfort of their own homes.


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NFL can be played anytime, anywhere

Lamar Jackson is an American football quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League. He recently posted a tweet that piqued fans’ curiosity. he tweeted, β€œA new ERA 4real! Get ready to see what it’s like to be QB1 with NFL PRO ERA, the first NFL VR game! Coming to VR platforms on September 15th.”

In the meantime, this information was enough to generate enthusiasm in the community. People then responded to the tweet while imagining the viewpoint they would experience. Most importantly, the tweet informs that Statuspro is that company that supports the technology. Also, it informs fans that it will be available on all VR platforms.

Here are people’s reactions after seeing the news of this exciting development:

Obviously, fans are waiting to experience the improvements that NFL Pro Era will bring. Fans have been waiting for the game’s release since it was announced in April 2022. Although it was an announcement, players could only look forward to experiencing the improved gameplay soon.

Specifically, September 15 marks the day the NFL will unleash its very own VR world. Therefore, it will be exciting to see another game enter the form of virtual reality.

The games that introduced VR to the world


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Nonetheless, the video game industry has an opportunity to experience VR gaming before. Each VR game has its own environment mechanism to make the game interactive. Additionally, games like Beat Saber, Astor Bot: Rescue Mission, and Batman: Arkham VR are popular virtual reality games that have entertained gamers.

Virtual reality welcomes games of almost all genres. Whether arcade, adventure or shooting, the technology ensures an immersive gaming experience. Ultimately, VR aims to create a realistic environment to give players a first-hand experience.


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With technology, the video game industry evolves. It breaks down the barriers and reveals the unexplored. Which game would you like to experience in VR? Tell us in the comments below.

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