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NJ deli worker accused of leading drug smuggling ring


March 17, 2023 | 11:17 p.m.

They are dead meat.

Fourteen people, including two New Jersey deli workers, have been arrested on drug trafficking and other charges in an undercover law enforcement operation dubbed “Operation Cold Cuts.”

Two men who operate the G&M market in Sewell, Brett Carerro and Roy Lucas, were both charged with drug trafficking and conspiracy after their March 8 arrest, WPVI reported.

The Gloucester County District Attorney’s Office alleges that Carrero, 29, was the head of the operation.

Search warrants were executed at 30 different locations in Camden and Gloucester counties, prosecutors said.

Carrero had taken over the butcher shop and family grocery store, according to the G&M Market website.ABC 6

Police seized $300,000, 14 firearms, 11 vehicles, a motorcycle, four all-terrain vehicles and “large quantities” of cocaine, marijuana and hash rosin according to the GCPO.

Authorities also seized money counters and financial documents, prosecutors said.

A total of 14 people have been arrested on numerous drug-related charges, including conspiracy to distribute cocaine, marijuana, mushrooms and hash.

Carerro (R) has racked up a list of charges against him, including drug trafficking and possession of an imitation firearm.ABC 6

Carerro was listed on the G&M Market website as a nephew who joined the family business in 2008 before opening a new location in Washington Township, WPVI reported.

According to the website, he “took over” the family business, now in its third generation.

He is accused of leading a drug trafficking network; promotion of organized street crime; conspiracy to distribute cocaine; conspiracy to distribute marijuana; computer criminal activity; possession with intent to distribute cocaine; possession with intent to distribute psilocybin; and possession of an imitation firearm.

On Friday, the windows of the Sewall store were bare, the door was locked and the lights were off, the outlet said.

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