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North Carolina high school kids pour cement down toilets as ‘senior prank’


May 27, 2023 | 00:04

The Alamance-Burlington school system is investigating a senior prank in which students filled toilets and urinals with cement.

A group of North Carolina students have found themselves in hot water after they poured cement down their high school toilet as part of a “senior prank”.

The Alamance-Burlington school system announced Friday it has opened an investigation into the Williams High School set-up that caused thousands of dollars in damage.

On Thursday evening, students broke into the Burlington school and poured the mixture into a number of toilets and urinals, according to the district.

Photos of the evidence obtained by WGHP show a toilet, now detached from the plumbing, filled with a thick gray layer of cement in the bowl. A toilet bowl contained tennis balls.

In total, the damage cost more than $4,000.

Although the case may be difficult to solve, the district warned that “those responsible will potentially be charged and suspended.”

The school district said the students “entered” the high school on Thursday night. School system Alamance-Burlington/Facebook

If those caught are seniors, they may dash their hopes of attending their graduation ceremonies, the district said.

The ABSS said it is also investigating senior prank incidents at all of its other five high schools.

Students have trashed classrooms, sprayed graffiti and thrown eggs, among other acts of vandalism, according to the district. Maintenance crews were cleaning up the mess on Friday.

“We believe in celebrating milestones responsibly and respectfully, without crossing the line and causing harm or harm,” the district said.

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