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It’s a little slipping away from us this spring, but another election day is closer than we think.

May 2 is the date for Ohio’s primary/special elections – and in many parts of the state, these will be the types of votes that will have far more impact on residents’ daily lives than the big ones we like to organize all four years.

However, a person cannot vote if they are not registered, and the deadline to do so is even closer. Monday, April 3 is the deadline to register to vote. Early voting begins April 4.

There are many ways to register. VoteOhio.gov offers a convenient online option, although paper forms are still available at public libraries, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, and other locations.

While on VoteOhio.gov, you can also view your voter registration and determine if you need to update it. A registered voter can request a postal vote there. And, of course, the 2023 voting schedule is readily available. (Military and overseas voting for the May 2 elections has already begun).

If you prefer to vote in person, remember that photo ID is now required to vote in Buckeye State.

While there may be fewer headline races to consider in May, remember that low turnout means that only a very small percentage of a population ends up making decisions for entire communities. Don’t let that happen, guys.

Head over to VoteOhio.gov, make sure your registration is up to date — or register, if necessary — and get ready for May 2. Then, when the time comes, vote!

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